Story Time With Santa Joe

This is not a Santa story.

Joe can tell a good Santa story, but this Covid Captivity Chronicles freebie is more akin to dystopia. In fact, when I read it I thought of Trashcan Man — and if you know who that is — you’ll probably love Joe’s story. Even if you don’t now who that is, you’ll love this story.

Joe gives us a bonus today, you can also hear him read it. One of Joe’s many specialties is reading audiobooks. He has a great voice.

Tomorrow I post a new story — and we have freebies all the way to the end of the week.

Click on the fiery picture to read Joe’s story.

And Now It’s Time For Something A Little Different: A Free Story!

This week we kick off our free COVID Captivity stories with a non-Covid tale from a new writer who has joined our conspiracy, Derek Elkins. Remember, there is no gimmick, no fee, no paywall, no newsletter sign up. We just want to entertain you a bit while you’re stuck at home without sports or reality television. If you like what you read, feel free to buy our books, available at Amazon. But no commitment necessary.

Click on the table to read Derek Elkins A Night Out. Enjoy!

Click the pretty napkin to read the story

Tomorrow Joseph Courtemanche is on deck, and then that hack Greenbean takes a shot at it on Wednesday.

Bloody Good! Another Outstanding free Story

The COVID Captivity Free Story Project continues today with political intrigue tipping its hat to dystopian underworlds from wordmeister Kathy Kexel. If you missed her Kleenex Box tear jerker History from last week, click here to read it. This is the last of our offerings this week, but don’t worry, my co-conspirators Joe Shaw and Joseph Courtemanche have gathered a few more renegades to write, and we will roll out more next week.

Click on the terrifying syringe to read Kathy’s thought provoking story The Effectives.

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This Is Not Going To End Well — A Free Story

The Covid Chronicles continue with Joe Shaw’s tale of intrigue. This is just part one of his story, Two More. He will have three more parts over the next three weeks while we roll out all of our stories. If you missed Joe’s evil tale from last week you can read it by clicking HERE.

Enjoy today’s story for free. Remember, no gimmicks, no paywall, no bait and switch, no newsletter sign-ups. We just want to try and make your quarantine days go a little better with some entertainment. Tomorrow Kathy Kexel shares a story and we’ve got some new writers for next week.

Click on the mint in the mint julep to read the first of four parts of Joe’s story. Enjoy!

Warning: Clicking on the mint julep will take you to another world