Bitter Flavored Fondue

Be warned: When Rob Cely goes for the jugular he does so with turkey and gravy dripping from both hands.

Today’s Fondue Writer’s Club Thanksgiving story is about a woman named Sheila, and Sheila, well, Sheila wants you to come to Thanksgiving dinner at her house and see and experience the perfect holiday. If you need pointers on how to behave or act, she can do that for you too.

Click on the word ‘lost’ on the Scrabble board to read ‘The Feast of None’ by Rob Cely.


Wild Fondue

Rob Cely is our resident deep thinker. Today we have his Halloween story for the Fondue Writer’s Club titled “Children of the Wild One.” Rob writes with the kind of vividness that makes you feel the scorn of the barista, taste the mystery drink, and see what is unseeable behind the creepy door.

Tomorrow Derek Elkins gives us another amazing tale, and then we finish on All Hallow’s Eve with Joe Shaw.

Click on the Green Man’s nose to read Rob’s story.


It’s Like A Ghost Story, But Not Really

Rob Cely is a delightful maker of worlds. Today he brings a rebuke and social commentary to our Fondue Writers Club free Christmas Story. There will be one every day now right up to Christmas Eve. We do this without gimmick or pay, because we love you all, and we want to entertain you as best we can while so many of us engage in struggles old and new.

To read Rob’s delightful story, ‘The Christmas Spirit’, click on the old Honda.

Active Thanksgiving Drill

Okay, that title might be a bit misleading, but after you read Rob Cely’s wonderful story — “Number 57” you’ll understand. Rob’s story feels familiar in one way, but then it takes you down another familiar path that is markedly different and before you know it, these two familiar paths have collided inside your heart.

This is day two of free Thanksgiving stories from the Fondue Writers Club. Be looking for them through to next Thursday. Click on the biggest spoke plume to read “Number 57”. There is some language, and some of the themes could be upsetting for some readers.