Captains Log — Stardate THANKSGIVING!

I have wonderful news for you!

Today begins the ‘Thanksgiving Stories” I promised you from the Fondue Writers Club. Each one of us are taking a day to provide a FREE story that has a general theme of Thanksgiving. You’ll recall in the past we’ve brought you COVID Chronicles, Halloween tales, unthemed shorts, and now THANKSGIVING STORIES!

You’re welcome.

Today we start with Kathy Kexel who goes science fiction on us. I am so proud of her. When you read her story, look for my last name in the text. It is in there, I promise. I think she is virtue signaling.

Click on your present location to read Kathy’s logbook narrative, “Other” and come back tomorrow for another FREE Thanksgiving themed story.


Free Junque

Creepy doesn’t come natural to Kathy Kexel the way it does to the rest of us in the little writer’s collaboration. She’s the Marsha Brady of the Fondue Writers Club. She is sweet, gentle, and innocent. Kind of the opposite of Joe Shaw.

Her writing strength is the flowing descriptive of a scene — the colors, the boards, the things just off view, the fabric weight and type. Today’s story, the second of our Halloween themed freebies, is her showing off these skills. I didn’t see the twist coming at the end. The delightful part was the very mid-century Americana feel. I think you’ll enjoy it. Click on the ugly oval rug on the floor in the picture below to read Kathy’s new free story, “1313”.

Whatever you do, don’t click on the trunk.

The COVID Chronicle in which Janelle Gets The U.S. Government To Pay For Her Vacation At A Wisconsin B & B

You will definitely want to read the conclusion (I think?) to Kathy Kexel’s “Secrets” Storyline. It seems to be a consensus among us writers in this little crazy COVID Chronicle cadre of characters that Kathy needs to develop Janelle and introduce a novel. I have ideas for her to work into the plot, but I don’t know if aliens know where Kronenwetter is. Is that a real place, or did she make that up? You read it and tell me what you think. Sounds like middle-aged incontinence to me. I guess it all Depends.

Click on the thumb drive to read Secrets III. If you haven’t read the first two parts, CLICK HERE for Secrets and then HERE for SECRETS II.

If you click the trackpad the CDC will confiscate all the dairy products in your home.