Grace Fondue

When I started reading Kathy’s story this morning, my first thought was ‘this woman named Grace has none.’ But as the story wound through, I saw the beautiful sermon Kathy has written us, for all of us have felt, in one way or another, just like Grace does in this story, and all of us likewise have received the grace she was shown.

Click on the image of the pew being cleaned below to read her story, ‘Amazing Grace’. You’ll be glad you did. The Fondue Writer’s Club will be back next week with more Easter themed stories for your enjoyment.



Alien Amish Fondue

Kathy Kexel writes a sequel for today’s Fondue Writer’s Club Christmas story to her science fiction story about aliens fleeing the religious oppression of the Imperium and find a home on Earth amongst, of all people, the Amish of Wisconsin. To read the first installment of this series, which is Thanksgiving themed, CLICK HERE.

Click on the Amish beard to read her story, ‘An Other Christmas.’


Pie Fondue

The Fondue Writer’s Club finishes our offering of Thanksgiving stories today with Kathy Kexel’s “Pie Wars.” Again, I want you to note the sweetness going on in this tale. Literally — all those sweet pies. But one particular phrase caught my attention and that was her description of ‘substantial sandwiches.’

I want one of those.

Click on the picture of the mincemeat pie to read her story and be looking for Christmas stories soon.


Vanillekipferl Lebkuchen Butterkekse

Today’s free Christmas story from Kathy Kexel is an excellent example of what I’ve been saying all year. The Fondue Writers Club has the best writers. Period. If Hallmark and any sense at all, they would get Kathy Kexel under contract right now to adapt today’s ABSOLUTELY FREE story into a screenplay to show next year during the Christmas season.

Although, I have to admit, I can’t tell if some of the things eaten and drank in here are German or Klingon. They could be both. I think they are German, but in my heart this is a Klingon Christmas story.

Click on General Chang (Christopher Plummer, aka Captain Von Trapp, German or Klingon? — You decide) to read Kathy’s outstanding story “Christmas Fair”.