This Story Is Free But So Was The Coke Janelle Never Paid For: You Have To Read It To Understand That!

Kathy Kexel sets us up with the first part of what feels like a kind of conspiracy theory meets crime mystery meets Murder She Wrote meets Butch Gregory. Seriously, this could have been a scene from one of my own novels, especially the part about . . . oops, I almost told too much.

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There Is A Smattering Of Social Commentary In This FREE Awesome Story

If you’re still shuddering from yesterday’s terrifying angel of death Derek Elkins introduced us to, then today will be a great elixir. Kathy Kexel gives a delightful, and metaphor evoking, tale of invisibility.

Click on the Invisible Man’s shady sunglasses to read her story “Healing Waters.” Remember these are absolutely free, no pay walls, no sign ups, no gimmicks. Our merry band of writers just wants to entertain you a bit during your lockdown.


Free Heart Warms: All The Heart Warms

There is a sweetness to this story that melts the heart at the same time it brings the tears. Kathy Kexel’s “Annabelle” may sound like a frightening story about a demon possessed doll, which is what I or Shaw or Elkins would have written, but no, not this time. This is an affirming story of humanity and of generational care.

Remember — these stories are free; no gimmicks, no hooks, no newsletter sign-ups, no bait-and-switches. Our goal is to keep you entertained and happy during the COVID Quarantine.

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In Which Kathy Goes Dark . . . But its ALL FREE!

We finish week four of COVID Captivity Chronicles with Kathy Kexel’s outstandingly dark story Desperate Measures. We will begin again next week with new ones.

In the meantime, remember these are all free for your enjoyment. Feel free to share them on your social media and if you’re interested buy some of our books.

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