Practice Makes Perfect?

Joe Courtemanche is scraping the bottom for a pilgrim story.

You might get that joke when you read the story. Or maybe not.

Two warnings: First, this story is not for people easily offended or with gentle dispositions. My friend Sheila should not read this story. Second, do not be afraid when you click on the link and see the frightening picture of the Bible with a pistol on top of it. That’s just Joe being Joe. He is a delightful and good person who loves the Lord very much and cares deeply about people.

With that, click on the glass of Apple Cider to read Thanksgiving Trauma: A Pilgrim Story.

This may or may not have been what the pilgrims drank?

The Meteor Shower Is Free, The Lobotomy Will Cost You!

I wish I had the words to describe Joseph Courtemanche’s free Halloween themed short story, but I just don’t. There is a lot of science fiction to it with definite homage to H. G. Wells. There is also a kind of biting critique of bureaucracy that reminds me of Orwell to some extent. If this were movie, Mel Brooks would have to direct it.

All I can tell you for sure is that it is fun! Joseph takes the Fondue Writers Club back to its COVID roots with this one.

Click the Hubble Space Telescope to read “Little Ambassadors”. But I will warning you, don’t be frightened by the pistol on top of the Bible when you go to his page. Joe is one of the kindest people you could ever meet, and he moonlights as a Santa Claus.

If you click on one of the clouds instead of the telescope you’ll be
transported to a secret meeting of the Flat Earth Society

Love The Story, But I Just Don’t Know If A Ford Probe Can Do That Kind Of Damage?

My old friends and I are at it again.

What is “it” you ask? No, not spending our weekends mummifying neighborhood cats. We’re saving that if things get real bad. What we are doing is writing you free stories.

Previously, we’ve shared free COVID-19 related stories. That is now over (although, I hear rumors of a book coming later) but we want to keep sharing stories with you. They are un-themed and unrelated. Our brave leader, Joseph Courtemanche takes the first slot with a tragic tale of music, strong drink, and regret. It is really about crime and punishment. In fact, this is the story Dostoevksy wanted to write!

We will run these free stories every Wednesday. I am scheduled in two weeks (July 22) and all the usual suspects are playing along — Courtemanche, Shaw, Elkins, Cely, Kexel, and Bennett.

Click on the picture of the Ford Probe to read “Mulroney’s Mariachis”.

The Probe really was one of the ugliest sports cars ever.

Its A Free Story — About Freedom!

Joseph Courtemanche started us off with the very first COVID Chronicle about a hundred years ago (actually, it was only three months ago, but it feels like a hundred years) with disease, death, and ABBA. CLICK HERE to read that inaugural story again, or, read it again for the first time? It is only appropriate that he finish us up with another great read. I am always impressed with how efficient Joseph is with getting the short story out there. He doesn’t need a lot of time or words because his prose is tight.

It has been a real honor to write with all my colleagues here. Paul Bennett makes me want to take a walk in the woods. Kathy Kexel inspires me to consider the sweetness in life. Derek Elkins brings a sense of fun and joy to the story. Rob Cely is a reflective thinker who takes us deep into our own soul. Joe Shaw is destined for celebrity because he speaks with mighty plots. and here we have Courtemanche, the wordsmith.

We’ve written these stories for your enjoyment. No fee, no charge, no paywall, no newsletter signup, no gimmicks. You can find the links all here by scrolling down my blog or at their own individual blog pages. Do visit them, and buy their books — Rob, Derek, Paul, Joe, Joseph, and I all have books for sale at Amazon and whether or not our children eat dinner next week depends on how many books you buy. So, there is that.

Click on the chainsaw to read What About The Window.

Click on the Husqvarna label. If you click the tree, you’ll wake up in Minnesota in January. Courtemanche tells me that is awful.