Lab Test Fondue

In college I took a psychology course, and one of the requirements was to ‘volunteer’ for graduate students’ lab tests. We had to do three, and each time after you finished up the student would tell you what they were really testing for, and it was never what you were told up front.

Rob Cely’s parable about conformity reminds me of those tests.

I found the story emotionally raw, in a good way, as it brings issues of opinion, division, race, corporate greed, and COVID all into one tale that lingers on you for a while, the way Cheetos’ dust stays on your fingers. And shirt. And beard.

Click on the ‘sketchy’ looking guy in the white lab coat to read ‘Potato Chip Tyranny’, another great free story in the Fondue Writer’s Club ongoing quest to provide you with holiday related entertainment.

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