Devil May Fondue

Joe Shaw is famous on the Facebooks for his elevator conversations. In fact, that is one of my earliest non-Wisconsin memories of Joe Shaw–his hilarious, somewhat fact somewhat fiction, elevator conversations.

He takes that to a new level in our last Halloween inspired short story, ‘The Elevator.’ We also get to see an old character Shaw used very effectively in our COVID Quarantine Chronicles. It’s a good read, and it makes for interesting discussions. Read it or don’t, the choice, as the man in the white suit says, is yours.

Thanks for reading our Halloween Fondue, brought to you courtesy of, and free of charge, by the Fondue Writer’s Club. We will be back in the near future with Thanksgiving stories. Until then, be safe, stay healthy, and try not to be mean to other people.

Click on the magic wand the little pink princess is holding to read Joe Shaw’s excellent story.

I Can’t Believe It’s Free! The Story Finishes Strong

For four weeks the Bard of Florida, Joe Shaw, has been weaving a tale for us about making deals with the devil. Today, he finishes the story with a great flourish. I enjoyed the whole thing so much I can’t believe it was free, but it is so totally free because we are writing you, almost every day now, awesome free content to make your COVID Captivity better. Enjoy!

Click on the “3” in 11:30 on the clock to read Part Four — “Heart’s Desire” of the Novelicious Novella Two More.

Remember That Time The Devil MADE You Do It? — Free Story!

“Jane Austen Meltdown” is all you need to know about why you should read the second installment of Joe Shaw’s Two More titled ‘A Pool of Blood.’ If you missed last week’s first part (or have slept since then) click here and read it first. Then read part two. Click on the parking garage below to read ‘A Pool of Blood.’

In the meantime, if you’ve missed the other stories this week — Derek Elkins enjoyed a demon possession on the side with his dinner on Monday (click here), Joseph Courtemanche burned St. Paul to the ground on Tuesday (click here), and I terrified you with academics in space yesterday (click here). Kathy Kexel is up tomorrow.

These are all free stories, and we will keep them coming as best we can during this COVID Captivity.


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Jesus’ Preoccupation With Thievery

Sunday I preached about the eighth commandment from Exodus 20, and during that sermon I highlighted the following eight ways Jesus seems to be preoccupied with stealing.

  1. When Jesus cleared the Temple, he referred to it as having become a den for thieves. Yes, he was quoting Jeremiah, but he chose that particular scripture to quote (Mark 11:17).
  2. Jesus referred to the devil as a thief (John 10:10). Two verses earlier, he said all those who came before him were thieves and robbers.
  3. In the Olivet Discourse, Jesus referred to the unknown timing of the end of all things as like knowing when a thief is coming at night (Matthew 24:43).
  4. In the Sermon on the Mount, the Lord said we should store up treasure in heaven where rust, moth, and thieves can’t get to it (Matthew 6:19).
  5. The Lord tells a weird parable about the need to tie up a strong man before you steal his stuff out of his house (Luke 11: 21-23).
  6. The parable of the Good Samaritan begins with the unfortunate traveler falling in among robbers as he goes down from Jericho (Luke 10:30).
  7. Judas was thief. Jesus knew this, but chose him anyway (John 12:6).
  8. The Lord was crucified between two thieves (Mark 15:27).

357110f18ce7fa5c52c33246b44ca58fThere are probably more of these thievery themes interwoven in the Gospels, but these are the eight I highlighted. I don’t know if I would build a theological argument from this data alone, and if so what that argument wold be, but I do think it is safe to say Jesus had a slight preoccupation with thievery, and that in and of itself is fascinating.