Remember That Time The Devil MADE You Do It? — Free Story!

“Jane Austen Meltdown” is all you need to know about why you should read the second installment of Joe Shaw’s Two More titled ‘A Pool of Blood.’ If you missed last week’s first part (or have slept since then) click here and read it first. Then read part two. Click on the parking garage below to read ‘A Pool of Blood.’

In the meantime, if you’ve missed the other stories this week — Derek Elkins enjoyed a demon possession on the side with his dinner on Monday (click here), Joseph Courtemanche burned St. Paul to the ground on Tuesday (click here), and I terrified you with academics in space yesterday (click here). Kathy Kexel is up tomorrow.

These are all free stories, and we will keep them coming as best we can during this COVID Captivity.


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