This Is Not Going To End Well — A Free Story

The Covid Chronicles continue with Joe Shaw’s tale of intrigue. This is just part one of his story, Two More. He will have three more parts over the next three weeks while we roll out all of our stories. If you missed Joe’s evil tale from last week you can read it by clicking HERE.

Enjoy today’s story for free. Remember, no gimmicks, no paywall, no bait and switch, no newsletter sign-ups. We just want to try and make your quarantine days go a little better with some entertainment. Tomorrow Kathy Kexel shares a story and we’ve got some new writers for next week.

Click on the mint in the mint julep to read the first of four parts of Joe’s story. Enjoy!

Warning: Clicking on the mint julep will take you to another world



Read if you dare — the harrowing tale of a man driven mad, utterly mad. It is the third installment of our ‘Free Stories for Covid Captivity’ — Today is Joe Shaw’s turn, and you can read his tale by clicking on the dog’s picture and it will take you to Joe’s blog where the story lives.

Click on the dog’s nose if you are brave enough to discover her fate



Today two writer friends and I are launching something for your benefit. We are publishing some free stories — and we mean free — no paywalls, no newsletter sign-ups, no gimmicks. Some are short and some are longish. The one I am sharing later this week is longish. It is a brush up on an old short story that only people with the same last name as me read when I published it seven years ago. Today, though, we launch with Joe Courtemanche’s fun story about a particularly disturbed COVID-19 patient. Oh, and BTW — all of these stories are ‘COVID-19’ related because . . . well because.

Click the picture of Joe and his dog to read the under five minute story. Don’t be startled by the pistol on top of the Bible. Joe is a softy, he just doesn’t want you to know it.

Click on Joe’s Santa beard to read his great story