Passover Death Fondue

Joe Shaw brings us home tonight with the last of our Easter stories for the Fondue Writer’s Club. His story reminds us that death comes for all of us, and this year the beginning of Passover coincided with Good Friday.

My favorite part of the story was the little shout out he gave to our podcast — “Under The Water Tower”. He worked real hard to get that in there, and I appreciate it.

Click on the Bengal football player to read “A Passover for Maxwell Bennett” by Joseph Shaw, and remember to go to church tomorrow and worship the risen Lord.


Fondue Fudge

Hey everyone — you know what time it is? It is time for some Christmas stories. Free stories at that, all courtesy of The Fondue Writer’s Club. Our narrative journey to the nativity of our Lord begins today with Joe Shaw, who reminds us that anything can happen in live theater, even live theater at church.

Click on the nuttiest piece of fudge to read his delightful story “The Best Christmas Ever.” Rob Cely is on deck Wednesday and we will keep at it until Christmas Eve. Greenbean’s assigned day is December 22.



Forgive us, Father, for we have Fondued

Greenbean is traveling this week visiting the sprout in our nation’s Capitol. He will be on the lookout for someone he can share his opinions about tax reform, immigration reform, and the most important pressing issue of our time: getting rid of Daylight Savings Time.

His little journey, though, does not keep him from sharing outstanding fiction with you. The Fondue Writer’s Club is at it again, with our Thanksgiving stories 2021. The first one out of the chute is Joe Shaw, or as he is known by millions worldwide, “Florida Man.”

Today’s story is not what you expect. There is a serious edge to it, but also a strong dose of sweetness. The edge we expect from Shaw, as well as a high body count. It is the sweetness that surprises us today, but not syrupy sweet. It is a kind of humanity that is hard to get at in a short story, but Shaw does a masterful job by taking us inside the confessional booth.

Enjoy his story, and we will be back several times between now and Thanksgiving with more stories. Click on the middle, the very middle, and only the middle, the part where the light comes through, of this image to read Joe’s story, “Confession.”

Devil May Fondue

Joe Shaw is famous on the Facebooks for his elevator conversations. In fact, that is one of my earliest non-Wisconsin memories of Joe Shaw–his hilarious, somewhat fact somewhat fiction, elevator conversations.

He takes that to a new level in our last Halloween inspired short story, ‘The Elevator.’ We also get to see an old character Shaw used very effectively in our COVID Quarantine Chronicles. It’s a good read, and it makes for interesting discussions. Read it or don’t, the choice, as the man in the white suit says, is yours.

Thanks for reading our Halloween Fondue, brought to you courtesy of, and free of charge, by the Fondue Writer’s Club. We will be back in the near future with Thanksgiving stories. Until then, be safe, stay healthy, and try not to be mean to other people.

Click on the magic wand the little pink princess is holding to read Joe Shaw’s excellent story.