Devil May Fondue

Joe Shaw is famous on the Facebooks for his elevator conversations. In fact, that is one of my earliest non-Wisconsin memories of Joe Shaw–his hilarious, somewhat fact somewhat fiction, elevator conversations.

He takes that to a new level in our last Halloween inspired short story, ‘The Elevator.’ We also get to see an old character Shaw used very effectively in our COVID Quarantine Chronicles. It’s a good read, and it makes for interesting discussions. Read it or don’t, the choice, as the man in the white suit says, is yours.

Thanks for reading our Halloween Fondue, brought to you courtesy of, and free of charge, by the Fondue Writer’s Club. We will be back in the near future with Thanksgiving stories. Until then, be safe, stay healthy, and try not to be mean to other people.

Click on the magic wand the little pink princess is holding to read Joe Shaw’s excellent story.


High School Fondue

Angels and demons is a genre speciality of Derek Elkins, and he really delivers with his contribution to the Fondue Writer’s Club Halloween 2021 Collection with “The Making of a God”. In reading the story, I couldn’t tell which was the greater evil — messing around with demonic influences or forcing teenagers to work in groups? I mean, who likes working in groups, right?

We have one more story left for the Halloween tales, and that comes on Halloween courtesy of Mr. Joe Shaw. Then we will take a couple of weeks before burdening, uh, I mean blessing you, with Thanksgiving tales.

Click on the scarab’s red jewel to read about how a bad teacher’s lazy lesson plans can result in evil being unleashed upon four not-so-bright high school students.


Is That Fondue Smoke I Smell?

It is hard to believe Paul Bennett is one of the Fondue Writers, because he is far too decent a person to associate with questionable people like us, and by us I mean Joe Shaw. He is a medical doctor, but today’s short story is a kind of sermon, so deep down he is a preacher.

I hope you enjoy his story “Under the Infernal Sky”. Click the on squirrel to read the story, and know we’ll have four more between now and All Hallow’s Eve for you to enjoy.

The Story Is Free, The Cat Will Cost You

Joe Shaw finishes up our Halloween free stories. As always he reminds us why he is the one his family never turns their back on.


Something about this story reminds me of his first COVID Chronicle . . .

This wraps it up for us on this cycle, but we will be back in about three weeks with Thanksgiving stories for you to enjoy, and the COVID Quarantine Cantina is available for purchase on Kindle, paperback, and audio book, so go buy lots of those. That should keep you busy.

Click on the rock skipping across the water to read, “Mindy’s Coming Home Again”.

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