Greenbean and Twitter: Is It Ridiculous Or Is It News?

I haven’t done this kind of thing in a while, and it is Friday, and I am *gasp* caught up for the first time since November of 2019, so why not.

I’m taking the ‘trending’ line on my Twitter feed this morning (28 August 2020) and making comments — one or two sentences at most.

  1. Rand Paul — Apparently he got lost leaving the Republican convention last night. They are saying he was attacked, but as I look at the video, it seems like it is just people gathering around taking cellphone video of a famous person who apparently turned right when he should have gone left.
  2. Friday thoughts — My Friday thought is I am glad there were bananas this morning to go with my Corn Flakes.
  3. No Ceilings — I think this is a musical reference, but seems like something pilots say.
  4. #IStandWith JKRowling — I know this one. It is about her opposition to trans-people. I’m against no one and want everyone to be free, but I understand her point of view. To be honest, I am surprised more feminists haven’t come out along the same lines as her because transgendered men, though they have rights and should be protected under the law, have not had the same experiences as those who were born female.
  5. Jim Gaffigan — 2020. Broke. Gaffigan. He was cursing on his timeline about politics, and then his wife scolded him on his Twitter timeline for cursing on his Twitter timeline. #familytime.
  6. #FridayFeeling — Friday’s always feel a little mushy to me.
  7. #FridayMotivation — Isn’t Friday its own motivation?
  8. Fridaymorning — See 2, 6, and 7.
  9. I Have A Dream — I often wonder if things wouldn’t be so much better if we had Martin Luther King here with us to speak with moral clarity but also with wisdom.
  10. Emmett Till — A name every black person knows and far too few white people do. His death was sixty-five years ago today. Some things have changed since then, but not enough. Rest In Peace, Emmett.
  11. Bella Thorne — Is this a new adult beverage from Europe? Flavor of Jolly Rancher?
  12. Attacked — I feel attacked whenever Starbucks doesn’t have cream cheese for my bagel.
  13. Captain America — Not what I thought. By the way, I am on Team Tony Stark. But apparently someone threw a ‘shield’ during a protest and hit a police officer in the back of the neck causing injury. The bad people of Twitter seem happy about this, but the good people of Twitter recognize that is awful and uncalled for and whoever did that should be prosecuted.
  14. Apple Music — I remember when iTunes was awesome. That seems like a long time ago.
  15. Good Friday — If you click on this expecting the Stations of the Cross, you’ll be disappointed.
  16. Game Day — I am not certain playing football this fall is a good idea. You can’t ignore a pandemic away.
  17. Anderson Cooper — Macaulay Culkin.
  18. Chelsea Clinton — Trending highly today because people were commenting how tall Barron Trump is. That seems fine to me, because I am jealous of his height and he seems like a good young man and I wish the best for him. But picking on him, like they did Chelsea (Rush Limbaugh famously called her a dog when she was but twelve years old) and Bush’s, and Obama’s daughters is wrong. Kids re apolitical. Leave them out of it. Eric, Don Jr., and Ivanka are fair game because they chose politics, but Barron (and Tiffany) are not.
  19. Tyrone — I scrolled through this to find out what it was about and . . . I still don’t know.
  20. Senator Paul — See 1.
  21. Happy Friyay — How many different ways do people need in order to be excited about Friday? I mean, it seems like Twitter really hates Friday and is trying to talk itself into liking it with all these references, almost as a coping mechanism.
  22. Shinzo Abe — the Prime Minster of Japan is resigning because of bad health. I wonder if the shake-up in power in Japan will stir a move to retake the ‘cool Asian country’ back from South Korean, who has clearly taken the spot once occupied and invented by Japan.
  23. Fatalis — How do you pronounce this? Is it Fatal – Is like “Fatal is dangerous and means it could be deadly” or is it Fata Lis, the name of the eighth Von Trapp child, ‘Friederich and Brigitta, could the two of you watch Fata Lis while we go pick up some schnapps?” or could it be Fat Al Is as in “Fat Al is over there?”
  24. DatPiff — I am beginning to wonder if Twitter has a speech pathology issue.
  25. Jazmine Sullivan — I don’t know who this is, but this is a beautiful name. Like the heroine for a book series. “Jazmine Sullivan stood tall as she fired seven rounds into the chest of her would-be attacker.”
  26. St. Augustine — I find I have quoted St. Augustine more and more of late. Of Course, his most famous quote is, “Lord, make me chaste (sexually pure) but not yet.”
  27. Finally Friday — Again, people. Really? We all know it is Friday. And tomorrow is Saturday.
  28. Hot Pockets — See 5. FWIW, Gaffigan’s bit on Hot Pockets is one of the funniest things in the whole wide word.
  29. Confronted — That look I give the dog when he makes a mess on the floor.

Thanks for playing along. Have a great weekend.


Who decides whether a child gets a vaccination or not?  Parents or the government?

The issue has re-emerged or sorts because there has been an outbreak of measles at Disneyland, and, of course, it has been politicized.  The brouhaha escalated Monday when Chris Christie, for some reason or another, was in London, and was asked about his feelings regarding mandatory vaccinations.  Christie suggested that people should have a choice as to whether or not they vaccinate their child.

There is no vaccination for criticism
There is no vaccination for criticism

Almost immediately Rand Paul chimed in, supporting Christie’s position.

It didn’t take too long before people targeted the GOP candidates for being “deniers” of “science” and out of touch with the modern world.

Consider, though, that in 2008 Barack Obama said pretty much the same thing as Christie, and Hilliary Clinton has made statements in the past that show she supported parental choice on vaccinations–click here for article.

Why would candidates Obama and Clinton support choice?  Because this is not a left or right issue.  There are people on the right who fear the government in this way—such as General Ripper and his “precious bodily fluids” in Dr. Strangelove; there are people on the left who fear vaccinations as well—such as crunchy granola mama types or celebrity Jenny McCarthy.  The real question is, why would now President Obama and Clinton both sound so certain about the governments role in mandatory vaccinations now?

The answer is not a conspiracy theory–the answer is politics.  Crunchy mama types will vote for the democratic candidate in 2016 regardless of his or her stance on vaccines.  Independent voters will not care so much about the issue, but they will be influenced by attacks on GOP’ers as ‘science deniers’ and ‘fringe’ thinkers.  Never mind that it was GOP governor and Presidential candidate Rick Perry who made the most controversial vaccination decision in a generation when he made it mandatory for 11-12 year old girls to have the HPV vaccine in Texas–click here for article.

We need to be sensible about the issue and public policy.  Only a fool doesn’t vaccinate their children against deadly diseases.  However, the issue is about control.  I cannot conceive of any society that calls itself free mandating that anybody inject anything into their body.  It just seems inconsistent with the values of liberty.  We also have to be concerned about the ever present slippery slope.  Today it is measles.  Next year it is an AIDS vaccine.  In a decade it will be vaccines that prevent daydreaming.

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Man-crush is a funny phrase.  I understand it to be descriptive of the way a man can feel about another man in an admiring way that is totally non-sexual.  To have a man-crush is to want to hang out, have a coffee, or go fishing with another guy, but is in no way a sexual attraction.  So, here are some of my man-crushes.  Note, this list is not exhaustive, and do not be surprised to find future updates.

  • Bill Hybels—I’ve always admired Hybels as a great leader of American evangelicalism.  His church, Willow Creek, was the trend setter for reaching unchurched people in an effective way.  So, I admire him as a leader.  But that is not why I have a man-crush.  I am sure he is not perfect, but he has built his church and crafted his life as a Christ-follower being who he is.  He is true to himself and pastors his church that way—and he has a sailing boat and a great tan. 
  • Alton Brown—Alton Brown cooks the way I want to cook.  His program, Good Eats, is one of my favorites.  Alton approaches food the way any real man would—we cook because we want to eat!  What do we want to eat—preferably food that is deep fried and if we can use stuff we bought at the hardware store to do it, even better.
  • Sean Connery—he is, and forever will be, 007.  Pierce Brosnan is an acceptable second, but there is no one like Connery.  But the reason I man-crush on him is because of how he does it.  Connery started going bald in his late 30’s and he has enormous ears.  Yet, somehow, he overcame these physical problems to be the smoothest, coolest, most dangerous man you’d want to share a vodka martini with ever.  Yeah, given my own physical limitations (not the least of which is a whiney voice), he is a true hero.
  • Rand Paul—I do not mean this in a political way.  Pastor Greenbean only observes politics, and generally believes all politicians are dishonest.  But there is something about Rand Paul that I like.  I think it is that there is something attractive about someone who truly believes his or her message and says it over and over again and does not deviate based upon polls or opinion.  I don’t think he’ll make much difference, really, in the corruption of the senate.  But he does have nice curly hair, which might help.  By the way, his voice is kind of high-pitched and whiney too, so, even more hope for me!
  • The Beard Coach (Adam)—I do not know what his full name is, but he has one of the coolest websites.  As a bearded man who loves his beard, the Beard Coach is an inspiration and a digital follicle mentor.  I someday hope to sport the full, strong, masculine beard he has.  Way to go, Beard Coach. 

I would love to hear some of your ‘man-crushes’ and definitely some input from the ladies.