Is Santa Batman or Is Santa Superman? I Can’t Quite Tell . . . You Decide.

The Fondue Writers Club is at it again. This time we are bringing you fun Christmas stories. These are all free — no paywall, no gimmicks, no email lists to sign up for. Just the workings of our imagination to share with you during these days of COVID, and quarantine, and so much troubles in our world.

Derek Elkins, who once weaponized the WeinerMobile, brings us the story of Krampus and Santa engaged in an epic battle. Click on the image of the man hiding in the closet to read “Krampus V. Santa: Dawn of Righteousness”. We’ll be back tomorrow with another story, and every day up until Christmas Eve.

Eugene’s been a bad boy

A Walk To Really Remember . . . Or Forget

Wait for the ending.

That is a must.

Today’s Free Thanksgiving Story comes to us from Derek Elkins. As I read it, I kept thinking the protagonist should own a chain of hotels called The Big Elk Inns. You may get that joke after you read it, or you might not.

Click on the Elk’s horn to read Derek’s great story, “A Thanksgiving To Remember” with the surprise whodunit ending.

Just Click on the Horn. If you Click the nose, you’ll end up as one of Kexel’s spies in Monday’s story

Free Stories Are Back — This Time With Creepy Add In

My writer buddies and I are at it again.

We have written you fresh Halloween stories — all free. However, if you wanted to buy one of our books, well, they make great Christmas presents. Which reminds me, our plan is to do this same thing between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Today’s story is from Derek Elkins. Derek has built a world I want to know more about. This story feels like a couple of pages ripped from a longer treatise on a small haunted community near Salem or some other creepy place like Hollywood. I really liked it, and I think you will too. Click on the Morton Girl’s umbrella to read “Rest In Peace”. We will have another story every day all the way up until Halloween Eve. Mine is scheduled, I think, for the twenty-sixth.

When it rains, it pours — But who knew she was going to a funeral

Our little demented band of wordsmiths has collected our COVID-19 stories and put them in a book. Feel free to preorder now. Click the cheesy screen capture of the Amazon search below for more info.

Welcome, to Elkin’s Island

I love this story for many reasons, but one is the deep theological implications imbedded within it.

It made me think about birds. I’ve often wondered, as I listen to grackles swirling in the air around me, if maybe the sound most delightful in the ear of the Lord isn’t birdsong? He has put birds in vast quantity and variety on every part of the globe. I mean, PENGUINS! There is something of our Creator to be understood in the abundant loudness of birdom.

Enjoy Derek Elkin’s story, The Island Purpose by clicking on the grackles.

If you click on the HEB sign, you’ll get a coupon for fried grackle at the deli

Remember, we do this for free because we are writers and this is what we do. Most of us have written books you can buy — such as Derek. Here is a link to a review of one of his books I wrote a while back. I think you’d really love it, too.