If I Close My Eyes I Can See The Sunset

This is the perfect story to finish the free Thanksgiving stories from the Fondue Writers Club.

Paul Bennett’s use of visual imagery creates a world where my sensory perception runs wild. I can smell — seriously — I can smell the garage, the hospital floor, the room, and the pie. I can feel the cold stethoscope, the crisp sheets, the steering wheel, the computer. I can hear the beeps from the machines, the car engine, and the voice of the nurse. I can see the headlights in the darkness, the computer screen, and the sunset’s brilliance. I can taste regret.

Click on the slice of pumpkin pie to read ‘The Years the Locust Ate’ and remember we’ll be back soon with free Christmas Stories to keep you entertained as we all continue to persevere in the midst of this horrible health crisis. Stay safe, be well, check on your neighbors, and remember to love each other.

Can you smell the cloves, ginger, and cinnamon in this pie? I can.


I Feel Like the Green Beans In This Story Are A Personal Attack On Me?

Joe Shaw is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. But beneath that happiness and sunshine is a creepy man who writes creepy stores. That is a part of his brilliance. He knows how to take a story dark, and then, well . . . you’ll have to read for yourself.

This is a shocking story with strong imagery, but it is worth the read. You’ll like it. This is the next to the last Free Thanksgiving Story from the Fondue Writers Club. Click on the can of green beans to read Joe’s story, “Thanksgiving With The Family”

Practice Makes Perfect?

Joe Courtemanche is scraping the bottom for a pilgrim story.

You might get that joke when you read the story. Or maybe not.

Two warnings: First, this story is not for people easily offended or with gentle dispositions. My friend Sheila should not read this story. Second, do not be afraid when you click on the link and see the frightening picture of the Bible with a pistol on top of it. That’s just Joe being Joe. He is a delightful and good person who loves the Lord very much and cares deeply about people.

With that, click on the glass of Apple Cider to read Thanksgiving Trauma: A Pilgrim Story.

This may or may not have been what the pilgrims drank?

A Walk To Really Remember . . . Or Forget

Wait for the ending.

That is a must.

Today’s Free Thanksgiving Story comes to us from Derek Elkins. As I read it, I kept thinking the protagonist should own a chain of hotels called The Big Elk Inns. You may get that joke after you read it, or you might not.

Click on the Elk’s horn to read Derek’s great story, “A Thanksgiving To Remember” with the surprise whodunit ending.

Just Click on the Horn. If you Click the nose, you’ll end up as one of Kexel’s spies in Monday’s story