Sweet Fondue

Derek Elkins begins Turkey Week proper with a heartwarming account of a grumpy old man and a persistent young woman. This is a departure for Elkins, because he is our resident, “If a t-shirt cannon is good, then a hot dog cannon awesomeness.” Elkins knows how to make a person smile with a twist toward the preposterous.

Not today, though. Today he brings the feels with Thanksgiving. And, if I may (and I can because this is my blog) let me point out I am seeing a trend with the Fondue Writer’s Club Thanksgiving stories — they are all sweet and kind. Even Shaw. I mean, EVEN SHAW! Okay, Cely’s was a little depressive, but in a reflective kind of way.

Click on the number eight (8) on the rotary phone to read Elkin’s story, “The Best Thanksgiving”. Greenbean’s story is coming at you on Wednesday and then on the big day is the one and only Kathy Kexel.

Don’ click on the number six or your turkey will burn
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