Free Amish Literature — Bonnet and Buggy Not Included

You need to read today’s COVID Chronicle from Joseph Courtemanche for one simple reason: crust production. I don’t think I’ver ever seen those two words put together before in a working English sentence.

Click on the bucket of apples to read “The Bishop’s Son, The Mule, And The Maiden”.

Don’t click the bucket! Get it, instead of kick I said click. It’ll be funnier after you read the story

Rob Cely brings us a little Twilight Zoneish today with our Covid Chronicle freebie, “Lockdown.” Greenbean is out of the rotation this week, but he’s cooking up a howler for next week.

Click on the loop in the padlock to read Rob’s story. Be safe out there. Love each other. Take care of your neighbors. We will get through this.

In the meantime, my co-conspirators and I will keep sharing awesome free fiction for you to enjoy in your exile.

Pain Is The Cost — But This Story Is Free!

Derek Elkins gives us “The Talk” — no, no that talk, the other one — that many of us might be working through one way or another — individually, with friends, or with family.

Enjoy today’s free COVID Captivity story. We’ll be back with another one tomorrow. Click on the ring finger of the smoking hand to read “The Problem With Pain And Covid-19” by Derek Elkins.

All You Need Is Free

Derek Elkins is on deck again today with what he calls an, (checks notes) “allegory” which I looked up and learned that is a fancy word for something that makes you go “hmmm”. Seriously, it is a very thought provoking read and gets those juices flowing with some outstanding wordsmithing.

Tomorrow’s COVID freebie comes from Joe Shaw and then we round out the week with Kathy Kexel. Our plan is to keep ’em coming as long as we/most of us are on some kind of lockdown. This is our way of hanging in there together, because if we’ve learned anything else, it is that we need each other to live the full lives we all desire.

Click on Agent Smith’s sunglasses to read Virus. Enjoy!