The Candy is Free – So is The Grace But The Battle Royale Will Cost You

If you like angels, demons, fights, and punchy social commentary mixed with grace then have I got a deal for you! Paul Bennett has given us a great story that takes place on Halloween night, which is perfect for our Free Halloween Stories here at the Fondue Writers Club. And because it is Paul Bennett, it starts with a beautiful description of trees.

Tomorrow, Rob Cely is up and then I am on the schedule for Thursday.

Click on the bowl of Halloween Candy to read Paul’s wonderful “The Visitation – A Halloween Tale”.

Free Stories Are Back — This Time With Creepy Add In

My writer buddies and I are at it again.

We have written you fresh Halloween stories — all free. However, if you wanted to buy one of our books, well, they make great Christmas presents. Which reminds me, our plan is to do this same thing between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Today’s story is from Derek Elkins. Derek has built a world I want to know more about. This story feels like a couple of pages ripped from a longer treatise on a small haunted community near Salem or some other creepy place like Hollywood. I really liked it, and I think you will too. Click on the Morton Girl’s umbrella to read “Rest In Peace”. We will have another story every day all the way up until Halloween Eve. Mine is scheduled, I think, for the twenty-sixth.

When it rains, it pours — But who knew she was going to a funeral

Our little demented band of wordsmiths has collected our COVID-19 stories and put them in a book. Feel free to preorder now. Click the cheesy screen capture of the Amazon search below for more info.


I’ve already posted once this week about my reflections on Halloween, so I will spare you that again.  Just know that at some point tonight I will watch Linus give the Great Pumpkin sermon.

photo from wikipedia
photo from wikipedia

Instead, today I want to provide a public service.  Just like I did on the other frightening day, Friday the 13th, I am providing those of you who like a good story some free plot ideas, Halloween themed of course, to develop or to think about or tell as ghost stories around the campfire.  When I am finished with that, I must return to work on my own monster story which I hope to release in December.

Plot 1–The ghost of Buddy Holly haunts Justin Bieber until Bieber finally publicly admits he has no talent and is a sham.  Once that happens, Holly can now enter eternity at peace, having rid the world of untold pain and suffering.

Plot 2–A man is driving home from work on Halloween and he has a flat tire.  While repairing the tire, he is abducted by aliens.  Instead of conducting experiments on him, though, the aliens just want to know which house is giving out the best candy.

Plot 3–The local high school football team is playing their rival on Halloween night.  The game is close and comes down to the final kick, but the field goal kicker misses the uprights.  On the bus ride home the quarterback of the team conjures the spirit of a long dead witch who tells the boys they can go back in time and win the game if they sacrifice the kicker (the goat) on a burning pyre of dried cattle dung.

Plot 4–It is All Hallow’s Eve and Miley Cyrus accidentally comes across a Jesuit Priest (or maybe a Baptist Pastor?) who expels the demons from the entertainer and heals her soul.  Afterwards, she no longer can make money for her masters so the record company sues the priest and the Roman Catholic Church (The Southern Baptist Convention?)  Okay, I sort of swiped this plot from Acts 16:16-24 but you have to admit, it makes sense.

Plot 5–A group of idealists and zealots on the left and the right conspire to take over the government and force the nation into debt-fueled policies that choke liberty and muffle expression and privacy.  Oh, wait, sorry, this is from my list of documentary ideas.


Well, this is weird.  It is Sunday morning and I am not at church!  What is that all about, Pastor Greenbean?  Well, the hot water heater is not making hot water.  It did this yesterday, and the guy came and fixed it, but it looks like he didn’t.  So us Greenbeans smell bad this morning and it sounds very spiritual, or at least Levitical, to not go to church when you are unclean.  So, that gives me time to write tomorrow’s blog today.  Lucky you.

Because I am not actively involved in church ministry right now, I am able to look at other churches with a little bit of a learning eye and what I see is that there are two types of approaches churches make toward Halloween.  Let’s call them Type A and Type B.

The Type A church sees Halloween as a cultural phenomena that blends with the seasonal changes.  These churches often have pumpkin patch trips with children and families and will usually have something like a fall carnival, often called Fall Festival.  These churches may or may not have their activities planned actually on Halloween.

The Type B church hates Halloween and views it as a frightening spiritual counter-attack to the gospel.  These churches either avoid Halloween altogether, or, if they do engage in Halloween activities, it is always billed as an ‘alternative’ to Halloween.  These are the churches that go to “Hell Houses,” which are weird evangelistic haunted houses that try to frighten people into loving Jesus, because fear always works.

Guess which one I am?  Am I a Type A or Type B?

Here is the answer–I am a little bit of both.  My inner Mr. Rogers really thinks churches do better with pumpkin patches and cake walks than botched abortions and drunk driving tableaus.  However, I am also a little frightened by Halloween.  Something about it does not sit well with me and I’ve never really understood why.  Halloween usually finds me on edge and waiting for sunrise on November 1 when I can celebrate All Saints Day.  Some of my more reformed friends always encourage me that it is not Halloween but instead Reformation Day and I should see it that way.  The problem is that no one dresses up as Martin Luther on October 31.  They dress up as the devil.

What I’ve come to embrace over the years, mainly with recovery help from my wonderful family, is that I fear Halloween for irrational reasons, but fear is not the substance of faith.  Would Jesus be afraid of Halloween?  I think not.  Instead, he would transform it by his celebratory presence.  So that is why in practice I am really more of a fall festival-kind-of-guy than a hand-out-gospel-tracts-instead-candy kind of guy.  But if you do hand out gospel tracts, for the love of all that is good and decent at least give it along with full size candy bars.


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