Wild Fondue

Rob Cely is our resident deep thinker. Today we have his Halloween story for the Fondue Writer’s Club titled “Children of the Wild One.” Rob writes with the kind of vividness that makes you feel the scorn of the barista, taste the mystery drink, and see what is unseeable behind the creepy door.

Tomorrow Derek Elkins gives us another amazing tale, and then we finish on All Hallow’s Eve with Joe Shaw.

Click on the Green Man’s nose to read Rob’s story.


Gypsy Fondue

As I read Kathy Kexel’s excellent Halloween story, I couldn’t tell if it was autobiographical or if she made the whole thing up. Either way, it is an excellent story about the twists of life and also reminds us that Reformation Day is more important than Halloween. Can I get an Amen!

The Fondue Writers Club will have stories coming out all week as we lead up to Halloween. We do this for free, just to give you something to read and ponder over. No gimmicks. No clickbait. No in app purchases. We have day jobs. Now, if you like our stuff, we have a book you might enjoy, and several of us have also written books (I have four) that we think you’d like. No pressure, though, for none of us write to put bread on the table. We write because its is in our veins and because we want to share our demented little worlds with you.

Click on The Divine Miss M’s curly locks below to read Kathy’s short story “The Hallowe’en That Wasn’t”. I think you’ll enjoy it. I know I did.


The Candy is Free – So is The Grace But The Battle Royale Will Cost You

If you like angels, demons, fights, and punchy social commentary mixed with grace then have I got a deal for you! Paul Bennett has given us a great story that takes place on Halloween night, which is perfect for our Free Halloween Stories here at the Fondue Writers Club. And because it is Paul Bennett, it starts with a beautiful description of trees.

Tomorrow, Rob Cely is up and then I am on the schedule for Thursday.

Click on the bowl of Halloween Candy to read Paul’s wonderful “The Visitation – A Halloween Tale”.

Free Stories Are Back — This Time With Creepy Add In

My writer buddies and I are at it again.

We have written you fresh Halloween stories — all free. However, if you wanted to buy one of our books, well, they make great Christmas presents. Which reminds me, our plan is to do this same thing between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Today’s story is from Derek Elkins. Derek has built a world I want to know more about. This story feels like a couple of pages ripped from a longer treatise on a small haunted community near Salem or some other creepy place like Hollywood. I really liked it, and I think you will too. Click on the Morton Girl’s umbrella to read “Rest In Peace”. We will have another story every day all the way up until Halloween Eve. Mine is scheduled, I think, for the twenty-sixth.

When it rains, it pours — But who knew she was going to a funeral

Our little demented band of wordsmiths has collected our COVID-19 stories and put them in a book. Feel free to preorder now. Click the cheesy screen capture of the Amazon search below for more info.