You May Have Heard of This Mueller Report Thing

Let me take a moment and quote myself — from December of 2017. That’s right friends, December of 2017:

Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 election will not produce any incriminating evidence against President Trump, and then POTUS will pardon everyone who received indictments, particularly Michael Flynn.

The verdict is still out on the pardons, but some will be coming. You can click here for the link to the original blog post.


So, let me just put in a few thoughts out there on where I’ve been pretty much all along.

  1. Collusion is hard to prove, and even if he did it, it would be nearly impossible to prove it unless they had something like an email from POTUS to Vlad begging for help.
  2. This is not Trump’s first rodeo. He knows how to stay ‘clean’ so they were never going to catch him. He always has fall guys.
  3. I am so glad they didn’t, because an impeachment process would be horrible for the country, one I don’t know if we could come back from.
  4. There may yet be other indictments and legal proceedings, particularly when the President leaves office, but this was always a hard one.
  5. I am so glad it is over. Please be over (although, no spoilers, but skip to the bottom and watch the President from this morning and you get a feel this might just be the beginning).

Now, having said these things, let’s think about going forward.

  1. I am not a big fan of the President, and I’m still trying to figure out how a habitual womanizer, adulterer, billionaire, casino owning, greedy, arrogant, foul-mouthed New Yorker on his third marriage became the darling of the evangelical right. I can’t tell if this fact (and these are all facts) is a paradox or irony–but back to my point, I am not a big fan of the President, but I don’t believe in removing him with subterfuge. If the Dems want him out, they need to do it the right way, at the ballot box. THEY PUT UP HILLARY CLINTON AGAINST HIM TO BEGIN WITH, and that was a huge mistake.
  2. President Trump owes Robert Mueller an apology. He will never give it, but he owes it. The things he said about Mueller and Tweeted are just horrible and unbelievable from a President about someone just doing the job he was asked to do.
  3. President Trump made this mess to begin with, by being coy about the Russian interference with the election. His schmoozing of Vlad (Helsinki still makes me sick)  and insistence that Russia didn’t meddle made him look guilty, even if he wasn’t.
  4. Oversight needs to continue, because I don’t think everything in the Trump Administration is on the up-and-up. But . . . the Dems better be careful. If they think the public has an appetite for two more years of this, they are wrong. There are plenty of things–from immigration, health care, the environment, and trade to debate.
  5. On the flip side, The GOP needs to make certain they don’t swell up too much with satisfactory smugness on this Mueller report. Pretty much everyone in the country knows that Trump is a dirty man who does dirty things, whether they voted for him or not. In fact, many people voted for him for that very reason–they wanted him to do whatever it took to stick it in the eye of the establishment. But, if the GOP begins painting Trump as a virtuous victim (as the President has already begun saying), then they may have a ‘jump-the-shark’ moment when they lose what credibility they have left.
  6. I don’t like at all the tone of revenge and denouncing as ‘illegal’ the investigation. Take a listen for yourself. It sounds to me like Trump is preparing to go to war, and that wouldn’t be good either.

10 Thoughts On Comey’s Firing


72968070So . . . did you watch the news last night. We got in from watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Click here to read my review)  and I turned on the news to see if the world was still there and discovered the media in an out-right panic. POTUS fired FBI Director James Comey. It is perfectly within his power to do so, but everyone was aflutter—some were rushing to condemn the action, others rushed to praise it. Here are 10 thoughts I have.

  1. I would have fired James Comey, too. I just would have done it four months ago.
  2. Timing is everything. The timing of this looks highly suspicious.
  3. Anderson Cooper owned Kellyanne Conway last night.
  4. Trump apparently wasn’t prepared for the fallout of this action. How is that possible? He should probably fire some advisors.
  5. Comey found out while giving a speech and saw it on the TV’s in the room. That is no way to run a country.
  6. The media might be making this into a bigger deal than it really is, but it is hard to tell because they make such a big deal about EVERYTHING.
  7. It is not the firing of Comey alone that troubles me. It is the firing of Comey along with 46 Federal prosecutors.
  8. If I were a betting Baptist, I’d bet Jeff Sessions is the next to be fired, and I bet it happens before Independence Day.
  9. The first rule of an assassination is to kill the assassin. In October, Comey assassinated the Clinton campaign. Yesterday, the other shoe fell.
  10. The only way to clean this up is a special prosector. Congress should appoint one by the end of next week. It is in President Trump’s best interest as well as the nation’s, because it is the only thing that will put this behind us, one way or the other.


President Trump and Tomahawks

I am not against the use of Tomahawk missiles against Syria.

I am not for it, either.


This issue is so terribly complicated that I’m pretty sure I’ll never fully understand all the variables at play. The use of that awesome and effective United States Military power changed the course of Trump’s presidency. For me, that calls for a little Monday Morning Quarterbacking and analysis of what might be going on.

First, let’s examine some facts.

  1. Assad used chemical weapons.
  2. President Obama told Assad not to do that.
  3. President Obama failed to enforce the ‘red line’ in Syria.
  4. Donald Trump vehemently protested any action in Syria in 2013 and while campaigning.
  5. Syria is under Russian hegemony.

Now, let’s amass some opinions. Opinions aren’t bad, they just must be viewed differently than facts.

  1. Most everyone in the world agrees that using chemical weapons is a crime against humanity.
  2. Some people think POTUS should have come to congress before taking action.
  3. Other people think POTUS had authorization for this under previous resolutions in congress.
  4. Militarily, Syria poses no threat to us, however Russia’s presence makes things sloppy.
  5. The United States is one of the few nations on earth with both the ability and the moral authority to act.
  6. Many of the ‘hot spots’ in the world, particularly ISIS, are so hot because Barack Obama was not aggressive on the international front and projected weakness. This is evidenced from Ukraine to Iran to Nigeria.

Having some facts in hand, and some opinions, now let’s think about the politics.

  1. A lot of Trump voters were for him because he advocated a policy that indicated he would not entangle himself in international messes. Repeatedly he said things would be better if we just left things alone.
  2. POTUS and Putin have an interesting relationship, one that has been under a great deal of scrutiny.
  3. Trump has criticized the United States’ intelligence gathering communities.
  4. Last week North Korea launched a missile.
  5. China’s leader, President Xi Jinping, was in Trump’s hotel in Mar-a-Lago when the missiles were launched against Syria.
  6. There is some kind of power struggle going on in the White House between the globalist son-in-law Jared Kushner and the nationalist Steve Bannon. It appears in this issue, POTUS went to Jared.

Perhaps now we can do some analysis.

  1. It is possible that POTUS changed his opinion based upon intelligence information, policy arguments, and the weight of the office of President. Perhaps he had a legitimate change of mind because of the evidence presented to him from the intelligence communities. This would be encouraging.
  2. It is also possible that POTUS recognizes he is in trouble over Russia and the internecine struggles within his staff that have resulted in an administration that is undisciplined, disconnected, and unsure of itself. To fix this image problem and divert attention, he did what others (remember Reagan invading Grenada, or Clinton bombing aspirin factories?) have done, and that is trump up (no pun intended) a national security issue. This particularly gives him cover on the Russia issue. A person friendly or beholden to Putin would not have done this. This line of thought is very discouraging.
  3. Maybe, just maybe, the real target of the Tomahawks was not Syria, but North Korea. I think the America people possibly feel this in their gut, because we recognize what a fighter does. A fighter punches someone in the face to get everyone’s attention in order to send the message that if they don’t fall in line, they are next. Last week POTUS said, “If China doesn’t fix North Korea, we will,” and then, as if to add some muscle to that, he bombs Syria while the leader of China is eating dinner at the Florida White House. This line of thought is chilling, but clever. Clever in its churchillian approach, but chilling in that it signals a heightened military presence around the world.

Now, for some Greenbean opinions.

  1. The Middle-East is not a puzzle to be solved. Something should be done about Assad, but it will not really solve anything. We are still trying to figure out how to put things back together after they broke it all following World War I. What is broken in that part of the world is the culture, and politics can’t really fix culture.
  2. If there were no oil there, no one would care. Look at Africa. No one is worried about the refugees coming over to Uganda from Sudan because of the violence. There is no oil there. No one cares. This seems to rob much of these issues of their moral clamor.
  3. Tomahawk missiles do nothing in the struggle in Syria. If we really wanted to make a difference in Syria, we must land ground troops, overthrow Assad, and build a national coalition. Of course, that is what we did in Iraq, and we see how that works. Again, there are no good solutions.
  4.  If this continues, it is only a matter of time before we are in a proxy war with Russia in Syria (or Iran) as well as a proxy war with China in Korea. Again.

Keeping It Positive on Inauguration Day: Warning–Contains Snark and Snark Byproducts

I don’t trust politicians. I didn’t trust Barack Obama. I don’t trust Donald Trump. For those who say Trump is not a politician, well, he is now.

What I do trust, though, is the process. I trust the process of transition and change. I trust the beauty of free speech and protest. I trust the every-day people who no one knows about that are really running our government.

I also trust the time-honored practice of looking on the positive side of things. So, here are some positives for you, regardless of your political ideology.

Keeping it Positive–We show the whole world how its done. We change our government over every four or eight years without ever firing a shot at anybody. No one dies when we have elections. Martial law is not needed. Look at us world–this is how you do it.

Keeping it Positive–The burden of keeping conspiracy theories going is hard and tiresome, so now those people who have been spreading false information about Obama can rest, and the other side can work up crazy conspiracy theories about Trump. Its is a kind of a balance of insanity that works for us. We can call it Crackpot Zen.

Keeping it Positive–You still have control over your life. I was never in favor of Obama’s policies, however, that didn’t hinder me from enjoying life, making friends, and becoming the best person I can be. I feel pretty much the same way about Trump. POTUS doesn’t have the kind of power to ruin me.

Keeping it Positive–It is way more fun to be snarky. I am very positive that this new POTUS will provide plenty of opportunity for me to be snarky. Mockery will be in full bloom.

Keeping it Positive–Kings and kingdoms rise and fall, but the Word of the Lord remains.

Keeping it Positive–We survived Nixon. We survived Jimmy Carter. We can survive anything.

Keeping it Positive–Republicans now have the responsibility of governing. If they succeed, it will be great for all of us whether we voted GOP or not. If they fail, they will not have long to mess things up, because another round of elections is in two years. Remember, that is what hampered Obama, he overreached, and the people slapped his wrist two years later.

Keeping it Positive–Now Michelle Obama and George Bush can hang out more often.