Keeping It Positive on Inauguration Day: Warning–Contains Snark and Snark Byproducts

I don’t trust politicians. I didn’t trust Barack Obama. I don’t trust Donald Trump. For those who say Trump is not a politician, well, he is now.

What I do trust, though, is the process. I trust the process of transition and change. I trust the beauty of free speech and protest. I trust the every-day people who no one knows about that are really running our government.

I also trust the time-honored practice of looking on the positive side of things. So, here are some positives for you, regardless of your political ideology.

Keeping it Positive–We show the whole world how its done. We change our government over every four or eight years without ever firing a shot at anybody. No one dies when we have elections. Martial law is not needed. Look at us world–this is how you do it.

Keeping it Positive–The burden of keeping conspiracy theories going is hard and tiresome, so now those people who have been spreading false information about Obama can rest, and the other side can work up crazy conspiracy theories about Trump. Its is a kind of a balance of insanity that works for us. We can call it Crackpot Zen.

Keeping it Positive–You still have control over your life. I was never in favor of Obama’s policies, however, that didn’t hinder me from enjoying life, making friends, and becoming the best person I can be. I feel pretty much the same way about Trump. POTUS doesn’t have the kind of power to ruin me.

Keeping it Positive–It is way more fun to be snarky. I am very positive that this new POTUS will provide plenty of opportunity for me to be snarky. Mockery will be in full bloom.

Keeping it Positive–Kings and kingdoms rise and fall, but the Word of the Lord remains.

Keeping it Positive–We survived Nixon. We survived Jimmy Carter. We can survive anything.

Keeping it Positive–Republicans now have the responsibility of governing. If they succeed, it will be great for all of us whether we voted GOP or not. If they fail, they will not have long to mess things up, because another round of elections is in two years. Remember, that is what hampered Obama, he overreached, and the people slapped his wrist two years later.

Keeping it Positive–Now Michelle Obama and George Bush can hang out more often.