Passover Death Fondue

Joe Shaw brings us home tonight with the last of our Easter stories for the Fondue Writer’s Club. His story reminds us that death comes for all of us, and this year the beginning of Passover coincided with Good Friday.

My favorite part of the story was the little shout out he gave to our podcast — “Under The Water Tower”. He worked real hard to get that in there, and I appreciate it.

Click on the Bengal football player to read “A Passover for Maxwell Bennett” by Joseph Shaw, and remember to go to church tomorrow and worship the risen Lord.


Children of the Fondue

It has been a while since Joseph Courtemanche has written a Fondue story, but he is back today with a little story that is, well, classic Courtemanche. I think you’ll like it, or at least get angry with it. You will not be indifferent, that is for sure.

We finish up our Easter themed stories on Good Friday (April 15) With Joe Shaw. Click on the very center of the dryer opening below to read “The Big Box Store”. A note of caution: don’t be alarmed by the of a gun on top of a book (I used to think it was a Bible, but now I’m wondering…The side script looks Arabic?) when you hyperlink over to his page, ‘Commotion in the Pews’. It makes sense if you know Joseph.


Grace Fondue

When I started reading Kathy’s story this morning, my first thought was ‘this woman named Grace has none.’ But as the story wound through, I saw the beautiful sermon Kathy has written us, for all of us have felt, in one way or another, just like Grace does in this story, and all of us likewise have received the grace she was shown.

Click on the image of the pew being cleaned below to read her story, ‘Amazing Grace’. You’ll be glad you did. The Fondue Writer’s Club will be back next week with more Easter themed stories for your enjoyment.


Okinawa Fondue

Paul Bennett is the military historian in residence at the Fondue Writer’s Club. It is a prestigious honor that comes with a lifetime supply of synonyms for fight and shoot.

For today’s Easter story, he has written us a snapshot from World War II on the Island of Okinawa. It is very heart tugging story that has all you need for a good Easter story — It is set on Easter Sunday. There is chocolate. There are children. Death as in the air. But Death doesn’t win. Oh, and artillery. Don’t forget that. No Easter story is complete without artillery.

I think you’ll enjoy this quick three to five minute read. Click on the image of the G.I. (which I clearly lifted from someone named Alamy) in the picture below to read ‘Easter On Okinawa’.