Free Heart Warms: All The Heart Warms

There is a sweetness to this story that melts the heart at the same time it brings the tears. Kathy Kexel’s “Annabelle” may sound like a frightening story about a demon possessed doll, which is what I or Shaw or Elkins would have written, but no, not this time. This is an affirming story of humanity and of generational care.

Remember — these stories are free; no gimmicks, no hooks, no newsletter sign-ups, no bait-and-switches. Our goal is to keep you entertained and happy during the COVID Quarantine.

Click on the left headlight of the Rambler to read “Annabelle”.

FREE Romance — Wait – That Doesn’t Sound Right? Free Romance Story!

Here is a short story so sweet and romantic you know — all my readers know — all four of you — I didn’t write it. Paul J. Bennett wrote it. Today is his inaugural turn as storyteller for the COVID Chronicles. Paul is the kind of author who lets the story take its time. He writes with a Southern charm and dignity so palpable you can almost taste the grits.

Click on the picture of Scarlett O’Hara to read his story “Song in October.”

This Is Not Going To End Well — A Free Story

The Covid Chronicles continue with Joe Shaw’s tale of intrigue. This is just part one of his story, Two More. He will have three more parts over the next three weeks while we roll out all of our stories. If you missed Joe’s evil tale from last week you can read it by clicking HERE.

Enjoy today’s story for free. Remember, no gimmicks, no paywall, no bait and switch, no newsletter sign-ups. We just want to try and make your quarantine days go a little better with some entertainment. Tomorrow Kathy Kexel shares a story and we’ve got some new writers for next week.

Click on the mint in the mint julep to read the first of four parts of Joe’s story. Enjoy!

Warning: Clicking on the mint julep will take you to another world

Another Outstanding Free Story Just For You!

We (and by we I mean my co-conspirators Joe Shaw, Joseph Courtemanche, and Kathy Kexel) kick up our super duper offer of free stories to entertain and enlighten you during your COVID-19 Captivity. No paywalls. No newsletter signups. No gimmicks. All we ask is that if you like the freebies, you consider buying our books over at The Amazons. And yes, we’re not too proud to beg.

The first off this week is Joseph Courtemanche. Last week he had ABBA on his mind (click here to read it), and today he finds a fresh target in this . . . imaginative Lavinia Did It. Click on the Washington Monument to read the story.

Click the base of the monument to find out what is really going on

Tomorrow I am sharing a freebie that is rather long for a short story. Until then, Enjoy!