The COVID Chronicle in which Janelle Gets The U.S. Government To Pay For Her Vacation At A Wisconsin B & B

You will definitely want to read the conclusion (I think?) to Kathy Kexel’s “Secrets” Storyline. It seems to be a consensus among us writers in this little crazy COVID Chronicle cadre of characters that Kathy needs to develop Janelle and introduce a novel. I have ideas for her to work into the plot, but I don’t know if aliens know where Kronenwetter is. Is that a real place, or did she make that up? You read it and tell me what you think. Sounds like middle-aged incontinence to me. I guess it all Depends.

Click on the thumb drive to read Secrets III. If you haven’t read the first two parts, CLICK HERE for Secrets and then HERE for SECRETS II.

If you click the trackpad the CDC will confiscate all the dairy products in your home.

This Is The Free Story You Need Right Now

Stories help us in so many ways, but one palpable way they help us is by giving respite from the pressures of our world. We’ve been writing COVID Chronicles to help with this, and now we find in our culture even more turmoil.

Stories can help.

Stories always help.

Derek Elkins has written a story to take you from our world for a just a minute and join his. Our Chronicles have had all kinds of genre mashups, but we’e not had myth and fantasy. Derek gives us both. Click on the tear catcher to read “The Farmer, The Demon, and the Canyon of the Four Winds”.

Click on the middle of the vial. If you click the top, the water demon will suck your soul from out of your eyeballs. Just saying.

Free Humus — Another Outstanding COVID Chronicle Story You Don’t Have To Pay For

It is a word a lot of us have wrestled with in the past six weeks: Essential. What is essential, and what can wait? And who gets to make these decisions.

In my state knee replacement surgery is not essential, but liquor stores are. Think about that for a moment.

Along these same lines, Rob Cely has really pushed us to imagine a world where ‘essential’ takes on a whole new meaning; inside that meaning we find a shocking truth that speaks to our hearts about who we are.

As we are accustomed, Rob has shoved some theology in here for you. Enjoy his story “The Unessential” absotively free. Click on the disgusting bowl of humus to read it.