Free Humus — Another Outstanding COVID Chronicle Story You Don’t Have To Pay For

It is a word a lot of us have wrestled with in the past six weeks: Essential. What is essential, and what can wait? And who gets to make these decisions.

In my state knee replacement surgery is not essential, but liquor stores are. Think about that for a moment.

Along these same lines, Rob Cely has really pushed us to imagine a world where ‘essential’ takes on a whole new meaning; inside that meaning we find a shocking truth that speaks to our hearts about who we are.

As we are accustomed, Rob has shoved some theology in here for you. Enjoy his story “The Unessential” absotively free. Click on the disgusting bowl of humus to read it.


Some Free Spec-Fic To Provoke Your Mind

Yesterday we had a sweet story of generational care (click here to read) from Kathy Kexel, but today we get frightening dystopia from Rob Cely. I like it; as it has a certain Ray Bradburyish feel to it–kind of a redeemed Fahrenheit 451 motif. I dig that stuff.

We’ve got free stories lined up all week, and I am scheduled for Friday. Remember, these all are 100% free. Scroll through my blog to see all of them, we’ve at this for seven weeks now.

For now though, click on the earring to read “In Memoriam”.

Only click on the earring. If you click on the ring on her finger, the Feds will know.

So That’s Why . . . A Free COVID Chronicle Story

Rob Cely did it again – he wrote another thought provoking terrifying story about COVID-19. AND he explains one of the great mysteries of this pandemic that seems to have gotten all of us . . . in the end. Just a friendly reminder these are all free — free stories to keep you entertained during the COVID Captivity. No pay walls, no newsletter sign-ups, no gimmicks.

Click on the scientist’s beard to read “The Scarlet Queen”. We will be back with another story tomorrow.