Since I no longer work on Sundays, I find that I am a little more reflective.  When I pastored a local church, Sunday was a grueling marathon that required skill, determination, and preparation just to survive.  Now, though, I can hear more and listen better.  Here are two things that I heard yesterday that stuck with me.

Control is an illusion.

Our small group had a wonderful discussion about trusting in the Lord and not giving in to the temptation to worry.  Worry stems from a desire to control.  But really, we control nothing.  Therefore, worry is futile.  The Lord is in control, and the only appropriate response is faith.  As with so many truths, this is much easier to say than to do.

I’ve been thinking about the things in my life that I am guilty of worrying about, and it is not a pretty sight.  I have much to work through.


Never hate your enemies.  It affects your judgement.

This comes from the mouth of Michael Corleone.  Last Sunday we watched The Godfather and The Godfather Part II at a double feature in one of Austin’s old movie houses with some dear friends of ours.  Yesterday, I watched The Godfather Part III here at home.  Now, The Godfather Part III is rather poor, especially compared to the glory of the other two.  Sofia Coppola almost single-handedly destroys this film.  Nevertheless, this line about not hating your enemies, shouted from a helicopter just before a mafia boss meeting stuck with me.  Corleone says don’t hate your enemies.  Jesus says love your enemies.  The two statements are not the same.

Michael CorleoneOnly a fool doesn’t admit he has enemies.  I don’t have as many as I used to–or more to the point, my enemies are no longer relevant in my everyday life.  However, learning to love them is still hard and I have not quite mastered that.  I don’t hate them, but I am a long way from loving them.





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  1. A lesson I had to learn was how damaging hating others could be — to me. I was holding on to hurts, I was holding onto anger, etc; not realizing that it was hurting me physically and mentally while doing little to the other person.

    And control; well, let’s just say that God is finding ways just about every day to show how much He is in control and I’m not. From jobs to health, learning to leave it up to Him is tough. Especially with so much of the world telling us we should be doing this or that or that we ‘deserve’ X, Y and Z.

    The lessons aren’t fun but the peace when I finally learn it is blissful. Until the next day when I have to start over again 🙂

    Bob S.

    • bob, you are so right. hate does far more damage to us than to the other person. we’re the ones who lay awake at and churn on the inside. i think that is why Jesus told us to love them. thanks for reading and commenting.

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