Beings of Light: A Poem

I’m going to cheat a bit.

Today is national poetry day, so I am sharing a poem I recently wrote for my WIP. The poem is based on John 12:25-36.

Beings of Light

Darkness is real. That much everyone agrees is true.
People cn’t see
Blind to reality
Young and old stumble and fall
Into the void we call
Bloodied shins and all

It is very near impossible to walk in the dark.
The path is bent
Our souls rent
Arms outstretched, groping
Hearts anxious with hoping
To feel our way through, coping

Forward, backward, left or right up or down are equally uncertain.
No movement only fear
Our own heartbeats we hear
Prisoners of unknowing
Seeds of doubt and shame sowing
Awareness of doom growing

In this blackness there is only isolation; other’s eyes are absent and their smile invisible.
There is no light, useless eye
The ear detects only groans of ‘why’
The hand that is held is a stranger
Just as afraid of imminent danger
The only true passion, anger

The mind plays jokes, cruel tricks, when trapped in darkness.
Stinging solitude amplified
Every nerve fried
Paranoia creeps about and overtakes
In emptiness the imagination makes
Unreal beasts, the heart quakes.

Darkness strangles every positive human emotion, suffocating the soul.
Joy, merriment, and truth fly
Respect, peace, kindness die
In their place an oppressive gloom
Despair and hate fill every room
Molding hate in full bloom.

People in darkness need only one thing, light.
The tiny flame of a candle
To illuminate table or handle
A gift to the eye
For that comfort flesh and blood cry
The solace morning is nigh.

Then, dramatically, the star rises from the heavens and beams cover the earth.
Trails are seen, roads unwind
Knowledge is gained, soothing the mind
Midday is laughter, frolic, and fun
In field shop home and sea— work is done
Vision is clear under the sun.

When sun is up and day is bright, strive to hold the light.
Work quickly while able
Clean the house, move the herd, paint the table
The hours are precious, time passes
Both for the individual and the masses
Regret will come for lazy lapses

Belief in the light vanquishes darkness even when the sun has set on the rest of the world.
Light is treasure for the heart
Loves glow will not depart
Thus, mortals translate into beings of light
Illuminating God’s presence in the night
Hope shining bright

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