What’s Wrong With This Picture?

I told Mrs. Greenbean that I would blog this.

I am a man of my word.

I spotted it this afternoon. Mrs. Greenbean’s People Magazine (January 16, 2017–the one with Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher on the cover) was open to page 115, which is an ad. It is an advertisement for a product called CocoaVia. I know nothing about this product, other than their marketing department is either run by liars or people who thought they could fool me.

Think again, CocoaVia. You might be able to fool the regular readers of People Magazine but not me. No way. No how. Not today.

Here is what I saw.


Do you catch it? Do they think we are this dumb?

I told Mrs. Greenbean that there is no way this picture was taken in this universe, not as we are led to believe, anyway.

Have you spotted it yet? It is the woman’s hair–specifically her ponytail. Do you see how it is hanging off her head onto her back, yet her position is supposed to be downward? Her hair should be falling down in front of her face, off to the side, or collected at the base of her neck. It should not be flat on her back upward AGAINST GRAVITY! Sorry, I don’t really like to use all caps, but this feels like a drastic situation. If she were really bent over in this impossible for me position, then her hair would behave differently.

But wait, there is more. Look at the muscles in her face. Zoom in if you have to. Never mind, I’ll do it for you.


This woman seems to be in great physical condition, but even the fittest among us would have some facial change to the pressure of having our head upside down, facing downward, and smiling. Try it. Her muscles in the cheek would look different, the hair behind her ear would look different. I also think her chin would be tucked inward a bit.

Was it hairspray? Does she have magic hair? Is it photoshopped? What kind of trickery is going on here?

I figured it out, because that is what I do. Check this picture out.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

All I did was flip it sideways. Do you see how much more natural this picture looks? The hair makes sense. Her face makes sense. Her palm and feet all make sense. She is sitting on her bottom, perhaps on the floor, with her hands and feet pressed against the wall.

The ad guys flipped the picture to make it look like she was bending over.

Nice try CocoaVia, nice try.

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  1. She is doing a ballet stretch without a bar. The layout artist photo shopped the product on the rotated space . Probably a stock photo. Lazy inexpensive work to place an ad for an overpriced product. That or she’s using Ann Richards brand hair spray.

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