Christmas 2016– Review

Try to keep up. I am busy doing nothing, so I don’t have time to belabor my review points.

  1. I learned that Ralphie is left handed. I must have watched the movie A Christmas Story a thousand times, but last night was the first time I noticed the protagonist yearning for a BB gun is left handed. It fits his dreamy imaginative personality. I like that detail.

    Be Sure To Drink Your Ovaltine
  2. Butch Gregory received a Christmas card this year from Wyoming Wallace. Inside the card was an exhortation relate to my most recent novel, How Great is The Darkness. That was pretty cool.
  3. The pastoral rust is not completely off yet. I was reminded of what I knew so well back in the day–no matter how much you review it around a table, special worship services require more attention–usually a run through. I failed to insist on that, and the result was a candlelight service that was far less than what the kind folks of Fellowship deserve. I will do better next year.
  4. I think I finally found a pie crust recipe that works for me. My Christmas pecan pie was much, much better than my Thanksgiving one. Very pleased.
  5. The keyboard alignment on MacBook Air is slightly to the right of a PC laptop. I know this because Mrs. Greenbean spoiled me rotten this year.
  6. For reasons I can’t readily explain, December 26th is so much more enjoyable to me than December 25.
  7. Christmas continues the sadness of loss this year. We lost David Bowie, Prince, Glenn Frey, and then Christmas morning one more–my coffeepot. On Christmas morning, of all days. The indicator lights all came on, but nothing happened. I troubleshot it for about ten minutes before realizing all hope was lost. Fortunately, I also French press, and that tastes so delicious I might just keep using the low-tech method. Nevertheless, farewell beloved black twelve cup Mr. Coffee drip coffeepot. You will be missed. RIP.
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