RANDOMNESS: 2-01-2016

We watched Grease Live last night on Fox. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t outstanding either. It also didn’t feel “live” because it used sound stages rather than a theater stage. I did like the live audience, but it felt more like those old TV sitcoms that were ‘filmed live before a studio audience’ than something really live like NBC’s The Wiz. Vanessa Hudgens was the one dazzling star, even though her father died the day before. The guy who played Danny Zuko was so bad that I actually missed John Travolta. Never before in my life have I missed John Travolta.

Iowa, please, for the love of all that is good and decent, please do not vote for Donald Trump today. Please. I mean it, I don’t trust any politician, but Trump makes me really nervous.

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Tomorrow is Groundhog day. I hate the groundhog, and really think we should kill it, skin it, and eat it.

I am about three quarters through a book of Roman history called SPQR by Mary Beard. I highly recommend it. The book is not so much linear as it is thematic. The specific material about the Republic and its subsequent transition to empire is, at times, chilling.  I think this book is a great read for just about anyone. The language is not stuffy or too academic, and anyone who reads it will be much smarter when finished.

Abe Vigoda died last week. We’ve already lost an amazing amount of talent this year–David Bowie, Natalie Cole, Alan Rickman, Glenn Frey and so many more that it is hard to contemplate. At this rate, there will be no living actor or musician over the age of 55 on January 1, 2017.

I learned how to make French onion soup this weekend. Read about it by clicking here.

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The Super Bowl is next week, and I hope the Broncos win but believe that Carolina will destroy the AFC champs just like Seattle did two years ago. I always like to nickname the Super Bowl, and I think this one could be alternately titled “The Revenant” versus “The Martian” because Peyton Manning is like the Revenant, left for dead, and Cam Newton is almost non-human in his abilities so he is a Martian. I will not get to see the game because I will be on the road.

Which leads me to think, while I’m in Hughes Springs, I need to make certain and get some hot links from JB’s.  I didn’t get any last time, and I still regret that.









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