I’m sitting here in a coffee shop in Edmonds, Washington waiting for my buddy to come pick me up.  Tonight is the last night of “The Little Girl Waits” book tour.  I am ready to get home, but being here again has reminded me of some of the things I love about the Northwest.

1.  Washington State Ferries.  I am sure if I had to ride one every single day a as a part of of a commute they might grow old, however, I love riding on them.

2.  The Bowling Alley in Port Orchard.  It is the best breakfast place anywhere on earth.  The only thing missing on the menu is chorizo and eggs.

3.  Portland’s weirdness.  I had coffee twice, two different days, with two different kinds of people in Portland and, I have to tell ya, it was interesting being the only people in the coffee shop who wasn’t pierced.

My friend Cameron and I at Torque Coffee
My friend Cameron and I at Torque Coffee

4.  Seattle.  Just, Seattle.  I love that city.

5.  Slate.  Gray.  Skies.  There is something oddly refreshing about the methodical, predictable, and unbending weather of the Northwest.

Of course, the people are what really make it, and I am so thankful for the wonderful souls who have helped make this a fun time for me.  I look forward to any opportunity to get back up here.  A part of my heart will always be on Puget Sound.


  1. I’m glad you had a good visit! I’m sorry I couldn’t come on Tuesday, our car was stolen and getting a replacement has been trying. We miss you, I hope to catch you next time your up!

    • i did miss you guys! i hope to be up, maybe, this summer if my new book comes out in time. it still has a lot of work left on it. i hope you guys get everything squared away with the stolen car. that is a bummer.

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