A Very Important Thing
A Very Important Thing

A couple of days ago one of the sprouts was talking with me about the greatest inventions or discoveries ever.  You know, it is the kind of conversation you have when you’re just enjoying a lazy summer kind of day.  Invariably it is followed by an equally silly conversation like “substitute sausage in a movie title–Lord of the Sausage:  The Fellowship of of the Chorizo, or The Maltese Sausage or Hunt for the Red Sausage.” Seriously, check out the Twitter hashtag on that one. It is inspiring.  But  I digress.  Before I got sidetracked on life giving sausage, I was talking about our list of the most important discoveries and inventions ever.  Here is our list, in the order of importance.

1.   The wheelcivilization is impossible without it.

2.   Fire–the perfect multitasking tool.

3.   Aloe vera in a spray bottle–one word:  Ahhhhhhhh!

4.   The printing press–you know how I feel about books.

5.   Whole bean Italian roast coffee–it was tempting to put this at number one, but it logically comes after fire.

6.   Penicillin–better to live longer to enjoy more Italian roast coffee.

7.   Electricity–makes life so much easier–and powers the coffee grinder and maker.

8.   The transistor–the dawning of the digital age.

9.   Giant red Sharpies–if you have to write longhand, make sure everyone can see it.

10. Duct tape–this just kind of goes without saying.  Quack.

So that was our list.  Did we leave anything off?  Do you have other ideas?  I’d love to hear what you think should be in the top ten all time greatest things ever.



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