The Warm Fuzzies You’ll Get Reading This Are Completely Free

Last week Paul Bennett hooked us, and this week he reels us in. I have to admit, there was a ‘plot twist’ here I didn’t see coming, so that was good.

Click on the baby bottle to read, “As It Is In Heaven: Part 2.” If you missed the first installment, CLICK HERE to read, “As It Is In Heaven: Part 1.”

Click on the bottle to read the story, but not the nipple. If you click the nipple a baby will show up on your doorstep.

Luke 15–A Poem


I stopped writing poetry because no one wants to read poetry. We’re not a very reflective culture. Nevertheless, I wrote this several years ago, and as I preached Luke 15 (along with Luke 19) on Sunday, I thought I would share this with you.

Luke 15

A little girl wanders the path from home

Like a lost sheep in the wilderness astray

All alone and so far away

someone should leave the others and show her the way

A family slips and bounces around

Like a coin it rolls out of the light

Not far but still not in sight

someone should sweep the floor all night

A generation claimed inheritance and left

Like a prodigal child it wandered afar

Chased after the sun, moon, and every star

Someone should wait ’til it remembers who they are

Children, siblings, friends and parents–lost

Like a scent on the nose of a persistent hound

Christ love to them for ever will abound

someone wants the lost safely found


Today is the official launch day of Bard and Book publishing.  “What is Bard and Book?” you ask.  I know you asked it, I heard you.

Bard and Book is an innovation in entertainment for both readers and writers.  I am partnering with several other writers to produce short stories and poetry on a regular basis that is available only at Bard and and Book and is only available for subscription members.  The goal of the endeavor is to produce original content for customers as well as premium access to authors.

Because the endeavor is in the launch stage, the current content is free!  Did you notice that:  FREE!  It will not be that way forever, but for now it is.

I currently have two works available at Bard and Book.  One is my short story “Steve Chooses” from the my book The Haunting of Pastor Butch Gregory and Other Short Stories.  I chose to put this story out because it provides backdrop for the novel, which is not yet available,  I just completed.  “Steve Chooses” focuses on a homeless man named Steve who hears voices.  Some readers believe he is demon possessed, other readers believe he is schizophrenic.  The voices tell him to commit a specific violent crime.

The second work is a poem called “The Trinity is Not Mute.”  I wrote that piece about a month ago as I was pondering Pentecost and Trinity Sunday in the liturgical tradition.  In order for churches to maintain orthodoxy with our past, the doctrine of the trinity needs an infusion of emphasis to withstand the anti-trinitarian voices which are all around.

In the next week or so I intend to publish on Bard and Book a 10,000 word short story I recently completed.  It is in the editing process right now as I wordsmith and polish it.  That particular story has a working title of “After That.”  I really like it, and I hope you will too.  In the future I want to work on science fiction.  I have always admired the Bradbury and Asimov as creators of short stories that are poignant and about the future.  Those writers, of course, come from a distinctly secular and non-spiritual backdrop.  I wonder what kind of stories might flow from a redeemed perspective of the future?  I think those types of stories would be fun to write and I hope fun to read.