Luke 15–A Poem


I stopped writing poetry because no one wants to read poetry. We’re not a very reflective culture. Nevertheless, I wrote this several years ago, and as I preached Luke 15 (along with Luke 19) on Sunday, I thought I would share this with you.

Luke 15

A little girl wanders the path from home

Like a lost sheep in the wilderness astray

All alone and so far away

someone should leave the others and show her the way

A family slips and bounces around

Like a coin it rolls out of the light

Not far but still not in sight

someone should sweep the floor all night

A generation claimed inheritance and left

Like a prodigal child it wandered afar

Chased after the sun, moon, and every star

Someone should wait ’til it remembers who they are

Children, siblings, friends and parents–lost

Like a scent on the nose of a persistent hound

Christ love to them for ever will abound

someone wants the lost safely found

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