Did Not Have Balloon On My Weekend Bingo Card

Some random and unconnected thoughts on the balloon floating over Montana.

  1. Apparently, it is Chinese. They have claimed it. They say it is a mistake and was unintended. Should we see this balloon as clever spy craft or as bungled incompetency by a failing central government?
  2. People keep saying, ‘shoot it down’. This seems foolish to me. If it is on purpose, and is carrying a payload, which is altogether possible, shooting it down might activate the nuclear or dirty bomb or biological weapon.
  3. It seems best to force it down, preferably over Canada. I’m sorry, Canada.
  4. The Chinese certainly got their monies worth in paranoia over it.
  5. Secretary of State Blinken cancelled his trip to China because of this. That seems shortsighted. Perhaps there are forces inside China who wanted that very response, while there are forces inside China wanting the opposite. Diplomacy is the way we solve these problems — withdrawing diplomats is counterproductive.
  6. I’m assuming it has a payload — worst case scenario — but if it is a spy satellite, what on earth (literally) information could it be gathering that satellites flying all around the earth couldn’t gather?
  7. Someone pay attention to Florida. The balloon is clearly visible and designed to be seen. Maybe that was the intended operation, to get us focused there while something else happens on the other side of the nation.
  8. On the chance it was intended to be a spy balloon, didn’t they know we would be able to see it. Isn’t that, kinda, the opposite of covert? See earlier conversation about failing government.
  9. Speaking of governments, I am quite certain there are several thousand things about this situation we don’t know about, and that is why we have people in place to handle exactly these kinds of things while folks like you and me have fun speculating.
  10. I wonder what Russia and North Korea are learning from this. I mean, if I am North Korea and have failed at every missile launch toward the United States, the success of the balloon might inspire me.
  11. Anyone ever hear of Roswell?
  12. One more — In the Star Trek Universe — First Contact occurs on April 5, 2023 in Bozeman, Montana. MONTANA! Maybe the balloon isn’t Chinese . . .
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