Predictions for 2023

Elon Musk, cancer, and Taylor Swift all make appearances in my predictions for 2023. This is always one of my favorite blog posts of the year. But first, a few disclaimers: I am not a prophet or clairvoyant, I do not necessarily want any of these things to happen, and my ratio of getting things right is historically about 30%. I m simply making guesses based on information, analysis (or lack thereof), and thinking what if. Last year I didn’t do very well, but two years ago I was Nostradamus. By the way, Nostradamus is predicting a meteor will strike the earth this year and burn the whole thing down. However much you don’t like my predictions, mine are far more favorable than his.

I generally mix it up, making predictions ranging in areas of religion, culture, finance, politics, entertainment, and sports. I make ten predictions. No more, no less. So here we go . . .

10. The Federal Reserve will stop raising interest rates in the second quarter of this year because inflation will suddenly begin to fall dramatically after February.

9. Putin’s leadership in Russia will come to an end, and a peace treaty will be signed with Ukraine. This will spur a slough of economic development as Russia ‘opens up’ again.

8. The United Methodist Church will loose over half of its congregations nationally as a result of the schism over LGBTQ issues.

7. The Seattle Mariners will win a post-season baseball series.

6. Taylor Swift will retire from music and settle down to a country life in Vermont with a man no one has ever heard of and about whom no song has ever been written.

5. Cancer will be cured this year. It will not be treatment, but an advanced DNA/genetic technique which eliminates cancer cells in the body without adverse affects.

4. Elon Musk will sell Twitter to a conglomerate of investors. He will claim he grew bored with the project, but all will know it will be because of pressure from Tesla investors.

3. A Republican House and Democratic Senate will work surprisingly well together to pass meaningful immigration reform as well as major changes to internet regulation.

2. Tik Tok will continue to grow, as will suspicions about how much the Chinese Government has control over it.

1. Cryptocurrencies will be banned in the United States and most of the EU.