A Story About A Kind of Justice We’ve All Thought About

To say Joe Shaw is a great writer is an understatement. His real gift is the turn of phrase.

Also, he leaves Easter eggs which are just for me — like the phrase “block around” in the opening paragraph. Only old men in Blue Fords and Pastor Butch Gregory block around. I know, because once upon a time Joe Shaw ridiculed me to no end about that phrase. And now, he leaves me this great gift.

Our little band of merry writers is still producing high quality short stories for your enjoyment. We’ve moved on from the COVID-19 theme and are now freestyle. Remember, we are not looking for money in these. They are all free. We just want you to read them and enjoy them, and if you like, share it on your own social media platform. As I remind during our podcast — every. click. matters.

Week One was Joseph Courtemanche’s Mariachi — Click Here To Read It

Week Two was some hack named Greenbean who wrote about boys swimming — Click Here

Week Three was Kathy Kexel’s heartwarming story about responsibility and family — Click Here

Today Shaw brings us a gut punch. It is hard to read in the sense the subject matter is not playful or fun, but tragic. This is a tragedy. But it is the second shot that will keep you thinking. Yet it is wonderfully written.

Click on one of The Crickets to read “The Crickets Sing” by Joe Shaw.

Don’t Click on Buddy Holly Or You’ll Become Fish Bait

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