Love The Story, But I Just Don’t Know If A Ford Probe Can Do That Kind Of Damage?

My old friends and I are at it again.

What is “it” you ask? No, not spending our weekends mummifying neighborhood cats. We’re saving that if things get real bad. What we are doing is writing you free stories.

Previously, we’ve shared free COVID-19 related stories. That is now over (although, I hear rumors of a book coming later) but we want to keep sharing stories with you. They are un-themed and unrelated. Our brave leader, Joseph Courtemanche takes the first slot with a tragic tale of music, strong drink, and regret. It is really about crime and punishment. In fact, this is the story Dostoevksy wanted to write!

We will run these free stories every Wednesday. I am scheduled in two weeks (July 22) and all the usual suspects are playing along — Courtemanche, Shaw, Elkins, Cely, Kexel, and Bennett.

Click on the picture of the Ford Probe to read “Mulroney’s Mariachis”.

The Probe really was one of the ugliest sports cars ever.

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