Kirk_and_Spock[1].jpgI have used a lot of digital ink in this blog over the years on Star Trek, so there is little I could add, but that will not stop me. picard_starts_his_mozart_recording1

Here are some of my favorite Star Trek moments. I emphasize some, because let’s face it, most any Star Trek moment is better than a non-Star Trek moment.

Kirk’s style.

Picard’s humanity.

Janeway’s gambling.

Sisko’s transformation.

Archer’s exuberance.

Spock mind melding with a brick. That was epic.

Klingon guile.

Picard mind melding with Sarek, Spock’s dad, and then being the conduit for Spock and his father to have something akin to closure.

I think he did a little too much LDS.

Data defeating the Borg Queen.

The uniforms in Star Trek Voyager were awesome. I never understood Seven’s particular get-up (other than eye candy), but aside from that, those were the best designed uniforms across the spectrum.

Romulan Ale.

Khan in Space Seed and The Wrath of Khan. Not JJverse Khan.

Riker’s beard.

The theme song to Star Trek Voyager. I still get all goosebumpy when I hear it.

Picard’s flute.

The episode where Kirk fools the Enterprise computer by asking it to compute Pi to the end decimal.

Andorians. I love Andorians.


Shaka, when the walls fell.

Weyoun. Any episode with a Weyoun in it was a good day.

Which side of the body is white? Which side of the body is black? Yeah, that still speaks to me.

Our Man Bashir.

Bashir and O’Brien’s friendship–and their obsession with The Alamo.

I’m a doctor, not a . . .

Spock and Uhura–never saw that coming.

What does God need with a starship?

The character arc for Seven. It was stunning to watch develop.

There. Are. Four. Lights.

Ezri Dax.

Borg implants.

Yesterday’s Enterprise.

Porthos’ cheese addiction.

Birds of Prey decloaking.

Elim Garak.

Okay, I have to stop. I could do this all day. All week. All year. I may go watch some Star Trek tonight.

Live long and prosper.

Oh, one more.



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