I am pretty sure if Jesus told the Parable of the Good Samaritan today, in the United States, it would be told as the Parable of the Good Muslim.

Jesus and his family were political and religious refugees in Egypt in his early years.

Baptists were persecuted in Colonial America, and in Europe they were martyred for their beliefs.

When any one faith group is singled out, it is not long before all faith communities will be viewed suspiciously.

The inability to differentiate between Muslim terrorists (Jihadis, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, etc…)  and the other 1.6 billion Muslims is as ridiculous as blaming all Catholics for the Irish terrorists (IRA) in the 80s, or even all Irish for it.

I remember how people pointed fingers at conservatives after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. Can anyone imagine all white conservative males being blamed for that?

We Christ-followers rightly scream ‘foul!’ whenever someone uses the instances of people killing abortion providers or blowing up abortion clinics to paint all us as violent extremists. That is probably how many Muslims feel right now.

Pluralism is beautiful. For the love of all that is good and decent, don’t let demagogues set the agenda, and refuse to let xenophobic racists take a place of leadership.




  1. I appreciate your thoughts, but they are a bit misguided. The Samaritans didn’t have a mandated word from their prophet to kill all Israelites.
    Jesus and his family were not actually refugees, they fled because Satan was trying to kill the Messiah.
    If you watch and read, there is a clear and present danger against Christians.

    I have peace loving Muslim friends and personally know Muslims who aren’t peace loving, both are required to follow the Koran’s teachings that infidels should turn to Islam or die. I have ministered in so called religiously free countries like Malaysia, where the Christians fearfully share the Gospel wroth their Muslim neighbors, because it’s against the law. Our London’s under ground Christian churches full of ex-Muslims, who are hiding because they have a bounty on their heads, because of their convertion, London!

    The Muslim issue is so much different that a Biblical parable.

    I believe we should take it a bit more serious.

    • Strangers and foreigners are integral to our faith. In the genealogy of Jesus there were “enemies of Israel”—Rahab was a Canaanite. Ruth was a Moabite. Tamar was a Canaanite. Even Bathsheba was a Hittite by marriage. All sworn enemies of Israel and yet they are in the linage of our Lord. the meta narrative of the Gospel is that race, and even one’s families faith were never reasons to automatically put barriers up to entrance into the family of faith.

      The current hysteria of Muslims is almost certainly politically driven—much like the way Japanese Americans were rounded up in the aftermath of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

      Terrorists are one thing. Muslims are another.

      To paint all Muslims as potential threats is unChristian.

      • I would never put “barriers to entrance into the family of faith.” But entering the USA has nothing to do with entrance into the faith, since the Spirit of God is reaching people in Muslim countries, where they are then hunted down and decapitated.

        What I am saying has nothing to do with fear or so called Islamophobia. It has to do with what I have heard personally, Islamic men in London tell of the Map to World domination, an actual map!

        By the way this is not a “current hysteria of Muslims,” this is looking at the facts from the past 20+ years and understanding the Map of World domination includes importing Muslims (of any “level”) to non-Muslim countries and subversively take over.

        I am witnessing to Muslim all around Epic Life, one little boy who told us his dad was making a bomb. True story. That family disappeared soon after that. We are ministering to Muslims currently and know full well the importance of being neighborly and evangelistic here in the US and that having refugees around us is a great evangelistic perspective. I am saying what is happening in the world is different than any other time in history, and to compare what Islam is doing currently in the world to the Good Samaritan story is not seeing the full picture. We can still love Muslims, but with eyes open.

        And it is different that Pearl Harbor and the Japanese and German internment camps, by a long shot. This is not a country we are at war against it is a religion of Satan that is actively trying to subvert entire countries for the name of Islam.

        I know everyone thinks this is crazy talk and I have been listening to too many late night AM radio shows, but that really isn’t it. It is really and ten years from now we will be astonished at what transpires.

        Mean while I will continue to preach Jesus to our Muslim neighbors, all the while ready to help those converted flee from their families.

        In full respect,

  2. I am not educated like most that have replied to this. But I would like my two cents added. Yes there are people that blame all Muslims and judge just from what they hear or see from the media. But can we really blame them? Or our selves for not educating them. The media does not tell the whole truth a lot of the Times. I am an Iraq war vet. And a Christian (southern Baptist). And a major difference with Muslim religion is they are taught that either your with us or against us and if you’re against us you must die. I know not all Muslims are trying to kill me. But I also don’t know which ones are not. Satan is very smart and can manipulate. Lie, deceive. To get what Satan wants. Yes I will still teach the word of God to them yes I will help them but I will keep my self and family safe and have some distance at the same time. I have regretfully lost my train of thought and the points I wanted to make so I will end this. Thank you for your time and God bless..

  3. I’ll just mention one fascinating piece of history. The oldest continuously functionary Christian monastery in the world is St. Katherine’s at the foot of Mount Sinai. Many centuries ago it was protected under Islam in Muhammad’s name.

    Nice post.

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