Why is it called Labor Day, when we don’t work on Labor Day?  Shouldn’t it be called Unlabor Day?

Isn’t the real Labor Day the day your mother gave birth to you?  So, in that sense, Labor Day is really your birthday, but we celebrate your mom instead of you because she did all the work.  So, actually, wouldn’t that make Labor Day the same day as Mother’s Day?  Take that, Hallmark!

What is the deal with mattress sales on Labor Day?  Is that the best we can do?  wk31-labor-day-door-bustter-header

What did September do to deserve such a lowly holiday that is tied to the end of summer and the beginning of school and no more fun til Christmas?

If Labor Day is the end of summer, what do we do with the other two weeks of real summer?  Are these like the remainder on a long division problem?

Why are there no great Labor Day songs?

Why doesn’t someone pass a law that says the only day we work is Labor Day, and the rest of the days of the year we don’t work?  Doesn’t that seem fair?

If a person doesn’t have a job, can they still celebrate Labor Day or is there some kind of exemption they have to file with Labor and Industries?

Why don’t we call the Sunday before Labor Day “Labor Eve”?

Is it really a rest from your labors if you have to work so hard the week prior to get everything done so you can enjoy that one day off, but you’re so tired from all the work you did you can’t really enjoy it?

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