I really should be working on my WIP right now, but I wanted to share some thoughts on television commercials I’ve seen lately.  Enjoy.

1.  There is a Coke commercial that, at first glance, I really loved.  It is a simple beauty shot of a bottle of Coke, while the song 99 Red Balloons plays.  Then the commercial makes an appeal to memories, no doubt stoking nostalgia in GenXers like me.  As I said, at first I loved the commercial because 99 Red Balloons is in my iPod and on my “cool music” playlist.

But then I thought, “Wait a minute.  Does Coke know that song is about nuclear war?”  Then my sweet nostalgia for the 80s suddenly turned dark as I thought of parachute pants clad teens sipping a Coke (New Coke, perhaps?) waiting for the bombs to fall over Lawrence, Kansas.  This is why GenXers have issues.

I have included the commercial below.  Note they don’t go with the original audio from Nena, but it would have been so cool to have done it in the original German, huh?

2.  From time to time I post creepy clown photos on the Facebooks and Twitters because my oldest daughter has a thing about clowns.  I did so this week, and one of my super awesome friends posted this long-form commercial for Taco Bell.  I hate Taco Bell, because I prefer food, but the commercial is a strange mix of Fellini and Orwell, and then comes the inductive commercial within a commercial for the new Divergent movie.  It is more of a short movie than a commercial.  Watch the whole thing.

3. How long will it be before we see a Metamucil commercial featuring Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass? Just a thought.

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