Check this out.  Mrs. Greenbean showed it to me over on the Facebook.

Riker's Beard

This morning I had a great time sharing some observations about ministry with the a group of Methodist Men at a local church.  Before the meeting started, some wise older man came up to me and said, “That’s a nice beard you’ve got there.”  It is wonderful to bump into a bearded Gospel brother.

Right now, according to the Riker chart, I am at 1.5 Rikers.  My beard is cut short and a little cropped on the side, but is higher on my cheek.  Riker’s beard always hangs low on his jowls, where as mine climbs up toward my eye like a vine reaching or the sun.

But a week ago, before I cleaned it up a little for the Methodists, I was at a full 4 Rikers.  When I trimmed it, small mammals came crawling out.  I think I might can get back there before Christmas.

Regardless, we can all admit that growing the beard was the coolest thing that William Riker ever did.

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