Riker's Beard

Check this out.  Mrs. Greenbean showed it to me over on the Facebook.

Riker's Beard

This morning I had a great time sharing some observations about ministry with the a group of Methodist Men at a local church.  Before the meeting started, some wise older man came up to me and said, “That’s a nice beard you’ve got there.”  It is wonderful to bump into a bearded Gospel brother.

Right now, according to the Riker chart, I am at 1.5 Rikers.  My beard is cut short and a little cropped on the side, but is higher on my cheek.  Riker’s beard always hangs low on his jowls, where as mine climbs up toward my eye like a vine reaching or the sun.

But a week ago, before I cleaned it up a little for the Methodists, I was at a full 4 Rikers.  When I trimmed it, small mammals came crawling out.  I think I might can get back there before Christmas.

Regardless, we can all admit that growing the beard was the coolest thing that William Riker ever did.

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One response to “BY RIKER’S BEARD”

  1. […] Per my summer tradition, I shaved off my glorious beard after DragonFest 2016 (click here for more info about Dragonfest). I did this in stages–first seeing how it looked with no sideburns, then The Balbo, then a Vandyke, and then a Fu Manchu. Don’t worry friends, I will grow it back. Since time immemorial men have shorn themselves in the summer months. It is healthy and good for the skin to see the sun, and for the man to remember how much he needs the beard to cover his ugly mug. Needless to say, I’m no longer sporting a 4 On the Riker scale (Click here to learn about the Riker scale of beards). […]

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