I’m curious, what did you think of the halftime show for the Super Bowl yesterday?

RED HOT MARS image from businessinsider.com
image from businessinsider.com


Yesterday Mrs. Greenbean and I watched the Super Bowl with some new friends from our new church small group.  We had a great time and the food was delish, but we were the only people cheering for the Seahawks.  Of course, I predicted a Seahawk victory in the Super Bowl weeks ago.  The game itself was never in any contest as Seattle literally led from the first play from scrimmage and never looked back.  However, the halftime show was very interesting.  I kind of liked it even though I had never heard of Bruno Mars.  The ode to James Brown and such was fun and of course the Chili Peppers was a throwback to my adolescence so I was digging that.  Not everyone in the room I was in had the same opinion, though.  So I thought today I would conduct a little opinion poll.  Remember, you have to click the “Vote” button on the bottom right corner to record your opinion.  Feel free to leave comments in the comment threads as well and share with your friends so they can vote too and then check back for results.

Go Seahawks.



    1. keith–i agree, but to be honest, it felt disjointed from the rest of the halftime show. in other words, it didn’t feel natural to me. that might just be because i am not familiar enough with bruno’s music.
      thanks for reading and replying.


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