We didn’t have our private Greenbean Thanksgiving celebration until Saturday.  This was because of travel on Thanksgiving Day to be with family we’ve not seen in over 15 years and then the day after that we celebrated at the Texas Renaissance Festival with giant turkey legs, jousting, fun costumes and questionable humor.  So Saturday I roasted the annual turkey.  That means today I have to make a decision about what to do with the turkey I have left.  To that end, I am enlisting your help.  Please respond to the first ever Greenbean opinion poll below and let me know what your preference is–turkey salad (not a green leaf salad but more like a spread), sandwiches, or soup?

I have made the poll where everyone can see the results.  Please make certain you click the “vote” button on the bottom right.


6 responses to “TURKEY LEFTOVERS–A POLL”

  1. Turkey salad sounds great to me. I am invited to a Thanksgiving potluck at a friends tonight. So sick of leftovers, nothing sounded good. Now, turkey salad, I could go for that. (making cranberry orange cookies to take to potluck)

  2. Usually we have Turkey soup with wild rice.
    Left over turkey, shredded or diced
    Spices (your choice, but I like white pepper, basil, thyme, maybe some salt.)
    wild rice, or whatever rice you have laying around
    1 table spoon of melted butter or olive oil
    Left over gravy, or chicken stock, and a can of Alfredo pasta sauce
    enough water to cover everything with about 3-4 inches of water on top

    Make the rice per the directions, but toss it in melted butter or olive oil. This will ensure that while it is in the soup it doesn’t become mushy or cloud the soup. Set the rice aside.
    Dice all of the carrots, celery, onions, and garlic. Begin by sauteing the carrots, then add an amount of onions and celery equal to the amount of carrots in the pan. Continue sauteing for five minutes and then add the garlic and turkey. Stir the ingredients enough to incorporate them, but do not cook it for too long because the garlic will burn.
    Add the gravy/chicken stock and the Alfredo pasta sauce. We use Traditional’s roasted red pepper Alfredo. Stir everything together and add the water. Let the ingredients cook and the soup reduce/thicken for about twenty minutes stirring occasionally. At the end add the rice to the soup and enjoy. Personally I dish the rice into bowls and pour the soup on top because I like to give everything a good stir and it looks cool.

    I hope you get some good Et’s and I will surely be thinking of you when I’m cooking for group tomorrow. The theme is Healthy so I think I’m making something with bacon.

      • I’m going to take some good green leaf lettuce and top it with turkey, bacon, and a diced cucumber salad. That’s the plan so far at least. Avocados are probably going to find their way into it now. Thanks for the great idea.

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