I just returned from lunch–and this is my noontime prayer on this Monday.

“Dear Lord, thank you for sunshine and warm weather today.  Thank you for a great wife who wakes up early to spend the mornings with me.  Thank you for beautiful daughters, for a home, for a reliable vehicle to drive and for a job that I truly enjoy.

However, I have some requests because so far the day has been iffy.  I pray for my friend, that you will help him to lead–and help me to heed my own advice on things.  Too often I have been rash and emotional when dealing with problems instead of thinking things through logically and addressing issues.  Help me in the future to be the kind of pastor and leader who doesn’t jump to conclusions but instead allows time for things to develop naturally.

Oh, and when I am old man, say 75 or 80, please don’t let me be the kind of old man who is grumpy, hateful, mean and judgmental.  I do not want to be anyone’s thorn in the side.  I would rather die than do that to next generational leaders behind me.  Instead let me be and become the kind of old man who affirms and blesses others and responds with readiness to help where I am able.

Okay, one more request.  Grant me insight into exactly what the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is in Mark 3.  I think I know where Jesus is headed there, but it seems like a difficult passage and I am supposed to preach that the first weekend in September.  Is the idea connected to spiritual warfare or is it connected to Jesus’ relationship with his family?  I can’t tell.  Maybe it is both?  I don’t know, so I would appreciate you illuminating me and my mind and possibly letting my hands run through just the right commentary or hermeneutic on the passage.  I don’t want to mess that up, even if I am preaching it on Labor Day Weekend when everyone will be gone.

Ooh, I almost forgot, but there are many people I know who are recovering from illness and sickness or who are facing big issues–L., N., H., A., C., R., L., and so many others.  I pray that you bring healing and strength to these people to not only live through their trials and tribulations but to grow in the midst of it.

I pray all of these things in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord, Amen.”

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