Two things are converging in my thoughts today; and either sadly or happily for you they are emerging as a blog post.  Recently my family completed yet another long, cross country car trip.  One of the things we always notice is the variety of names given to different make and models of cars.  It seems there are people whose full time job is apparently to come up with car names.  Alero–Tundra–Dakota–Volt–Prius–Edge–Ram–Accord etc.. etc.. etc…

That thought is paired with my current work of finding a quality used car.  My oldest daughter will be driving the Toyota Rav 4, and I need vehicle.  I am currently eyeballing a 2009 Ranger 4wd manual transmission.

I’m not a car person, but all of this has gotten me to thinking.  It might help the education system of our country if we named cars and trucks after punctuation.

The Dodge Hyphen–A small sporty car that is made to “dash” around city streets–and corners.

The Ford Exclamation–A truck, of course, that has a loud and powerful engine!  In Mexico the truck would also be available upside down.

The Honda Ellipsis–Fuel economy is king for this sedan . . . but much goes unsaid.

The Kia Comma–A great, reliable, if overused, automobile, that will provide durability in the everyday pauses, of the world.

The Mitsubishi Bracket–[A motorcycle]

The Chevrolet “C” series:

The colon–A full size truck:  For hauling things.

The semicolon–a small economy truck; useful in the city

The Chevy Period–Only available in blue (The blue period).

The GM Question Mark–A Mini-Cooper style car designed for nonconformists.  Are you interested in the subversive?

The Nissan (Parenthesis)–This is an off-road SUV vehicle.  It may or may not be (street) legal.

The Hyundai Asterisk*–Everyone will be footnoting you if you drive this star-studded delight.

The Mercedes Quotation–A car so luxurious everyone will be “quoting” it.

Okay, I think you get the point.   I could do this all day, but I have to get back to work.

*Available for a limited time only, and not in MI, FL, ID, or PA.


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