Today is the National Day of Prayer.  Sadly, this seems to be a mostly political occasion, and official Greenbean philosophy is to be very non-partisan.  However, I do believe in prayer.  Here is my prayer for our nation.

Lord, there are many things in our nation which are good.  These include freedom, liberty, general prosperity, and goodwill.  Our nation contains many hard working, devoted, caring, generous and compassionate people.  I give you thanks for these.  Specifically I give you thanks for the people who serve the public good such as all of our armed forces, veterans, firefighters, law enforcement, doctors, nurses, medical professionals, teachers, airplane pilots and many more than I can name.  I thank you for the many people in our country who follow you.  I pray that we will be such a glowing reflection of you that others will see and decide to follow you as well.

However, there are some serious problems in our land too.  These include unemployment, financial mismanagement, homelessness, addictions, and faulty world-views.  In addition, we have been at war for over a decade.  Please help us to end these entanglements responsibly and bring all of our troops home safely.  Protect us from terrorism, both domestic and abroad.  I pray for the economy to improve and that everyone who is willing might find work.

I lift up to you our national leaders.  I pray for President Obama.  I ask for his health, safety, wisdom and integrity as he leads us.  Grant him wisdom to speak truth and to follow truth.  I pray for the national discourse to soften.  Move us from our polarized positions to a place of unity so that we may enjoy the blessings, together, of our bountiful land.

Father, I pray that my children, all of our children, will never know what hunger, war, pornography, execution, violence, murder, abortion, homelessness, or want is.  Instead, help us to build upon the wonderful nation we have inherited a society that reflects your image and values the gift of life in the pursuit of liberty.

This is my prayer, and I make it in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, Amen.


  1. Amen, and thanks for the public servant mention. We need those prayers to deal with the second paragraph of your prayer.

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