I haven’t had much time to blog the past week or so, and will not have much time to blog later.   I’ve been spending most of my time finishing my novel (oh, it is awesome!) and then this week is both the week of Easter (busy busy busy) and spring break for my kids all at the same time.  So, that’s why I’m not blogging much.  However, I have missed my blogging community, and thought I needed to drop a line.  What I’m thinking about right now, is, the similarities between Easter and Halloween.  There are several, and I’m not even counting the odd kinship of chocolate eggs and candy corns or The Easter Bunny as comparative literature with Linus’ understanding of the Great Pumpkin.  However, consider the following creepy similarities.

  1.  In both holidays, the major action takes place in a graveyard (Matthew 27:60)
  2. Dead people coming back to life, not quite the undead, but close
  3. Zombies! (Matthew 27:52)
  4. Ghost like issues (Luke 24:37)
  5. Trick or Treat (Luke 24:41)
  6. Bloody, gory violence (John 20:27)
  7.  People walked from house to house (Luke 24)
  8. Bloodthirsty mobs
  9. Wouldn’t Boris Karloff make a great Pilate?
  10. Golgotha—Skull!


The nightmare of the cross is a true house of horrors; where the beauty of truth willingly suffered so that I, and every other human being, could experience the sunrise of joy.  Now that is all treat and no trick.


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