Reformation Sunday.

Autumnfest Sunday Night.

Halloween trick or treat.

All Saints Day.

Wow—what an eventful week.  But the thrills are not over.  As if we needed one more thing to crowd in on this busy week of festivities and reflections; we have to contemplate the giant chronometric adjustment.  That’s right, this week, Saturday to be precise, we are supposed to time travel by going back in time one hour.  I have been strategizing about how I can best spend my extra hour this Saturday night.

Option A:  Sleep.  Sleep is always a good choice.  Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I have been somewhat grumpy since I lost that hour of sleep back in the spring.  The last four weeks have been absolutely exhausting for me, so I could probably use the rest.  Sleep is always fun.  I think I just might go to bed early Saturday night.

Option B:  Read.  I love to read, so this would be almost as pleasant as sleeping.  I am currently reading a great biography of Admiral Rickover that a good friend gave me.  I find the book alien to me—a world of military bureaucracy and scientific tech-speak.  You’d think I would not find it interesting, but it is enthralling.  Yeah, I might read.

Option C:  Write.  I am deep into my Butch Gregory novel and I think I will finish the first draft manuscript before the first of the year.  The extra hour could be useful for banging out an important scene that has been in my mind for a while now.  The scene is about a gun fight at a cabin in the Oregon Siskiyous.  I’m getting excited just thinking about writing it.  Maybe I’ll do that.

Option D:  Game night with the family.  It has been a long, long time since we’ve done this.  We could play Clue, which we love or maybe Spades.  My girls also like Poker.  I might just play chess with one of them during my hour.  If we play games, we’ll definitely need some snacks.  Yeah, maybe game night would be fun.

Option E:  Work.  I’ve been working most of the week on my Thanksgiving sermon (November 20).  It has been very fun and I think I will have a blast preaching it.  It is kind of like what I’ve been doing for years on Thanksgiving, but at the same time conceptually different.  I don’t want to give anything away, but all I’ll say is that it involves a map.  I could use my extra hour to get super caught up on work and then be ahead come Monday morning.  That’s it, I’ll work during my extra hour.

Option F:  Organize.  In the past I have used my extra hour as a bonus time to get organized.  My home library is in need of arrangement and categorization, as well as our DVD collection.  I could categorize the books and movies by genre or director/writer.  That would be an excellent use of my time.  Yep, I’ll organize.

Option G:  All of the Above.  I could do all six, and divide the extra hour into 10 minute segments.  Huh.  That might work.

Well, I don’t yet know what I will do, but I will, somehow, use that extra hour—just like you will.  I would love to hear about some of the ways you use your time on this hour refund weekend.


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