This Is Not Okay — Thoughts On The World Series

I was able to catch Game 6 of the World Series. It was the only post-season baseball game I watched this year. My life is just too busy and, the truth be known, the games last too long and go too far into the night. I turn into a pumpkin at 9:30, so a game that lasts until after 11PM is really out of the question. [Hot take: baseball needs a pitch clock like the minor leagues.]

But I did watch Game 6. My sleep patterns haven’t recovered yet. I checked this morning to learn the Washington Nationals won Game 7 last night, and congrats to them. They are a fantastic baseball team and I am happy for them and their fan base. It is also a historical oddity all the games were won by the visiting team. Weird.

But that is not my main thought today. During Game 6 a controversial call was made involving a baserunner. The call went against the Washington Nationals, and the manager for the Nationals, David Martinez, lost his mind. Seriously.





He had to be restrained by other coaches from attacking an umpire.


I know sports culture is unique, but this is not okay. You can’t act this way AT WORK! We need to keep in mind this is a work place for the manager, the players, and the umpires. I can’t think of very many workplaces where this type of behavior by one employee to another would be tolerated. Imagine if a coworker came at you, restrained by his subordinates on the managerial chart, like Martinez does here at the umpire over say, a bad sales call you made or because the data in your spreadsheet was disproportionate. Or you made a judgment call that was part of your job description to do.

He was ejected, that is good. But he needs help, or he needs to find another career option. If someone came at me like this in my workplace, I think I might call 911, I don’t care how good they were at their job.

Major League Baseball should suspend him for multiple games or a season, and he should be forced to complete anger management classes/counseling before returning to work, at the very least.

Our nation is filled with rage and violence, and people are constantly ready to explode over the littlest of things. It is nurtured by our politicians and fueld by social media. We have a gigantic anger problem. Perhaps, in the past we could wink and nod at the showmanship and entertainment value at the antics of Billy Martins or Lou Pinellas but this kind of behavior needs to be swept away into the dust bin of history. We must become better than this.

This anger, focused at a human being who is just doing his job, is unacceptable, and ejecting him, the equivalence of saying ‘clock out and go home and take the rest of the day of’ is not enough.

Our kids are watching.

Do better, baseball. Do better.

Predictions for 2018

I am no prophet. I have a hard time predicting what Mrs. Greenbean will want for dinner, much less long term trends. This deficiency doesn’t keep me from trying, though. I just went and looked at 2017’s predictions, and I was almost 50% accurate–and I completely nailed the entertainment predictions, particularly the decline in football ratings. Sadly, 2016 saw me only get 20%, and 30% in 2015, and even more dismal in 2014 with only one prediction really happening. However, in that year, I predicted a Facebook scandal–which actually happened in 2017. Maybe I was just early?


I try to mix up the predictions in various areas of life–entertainment, politics, business, science, religion, and faith so I’m all over the place. Anyway, here goes my predictions for 2018.

10. The Houston Astros will repeat as World Series Champions.

9. A White-Supremacist will do something so horrible it will make Charlottesville look pale and insignificant.

8. Some big secret will be revealed at NASA—not like aliens or anything, but it will be something like we’ve already been to Mars in a covert plan, or the Columbia space shuttle explosion wasn’t an accident. Something scandalous or controversial.

7. The implementation of new internet regulations (net neutrality) will be a shot in the arm to traditional cable and television corporations, temporarily stabilizing a dying industry.

6.  The Republicans will lose heavily to Democrats in the 2018 elections, losing at least one chamber of congress.

5. Subscriptions to self-driving car services will be big Christmas presents.

4. Theresa May will be booted out as British leader in the midst of an ugly undoing of the Brexit vote.

3. The economy will continue to cook under conservative policies.

2. Two or three major mega-churches will close their doors, beginning the coming wave of emphasis upon small, neighborhood, community churches.

1. Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 election will not produce any incriminating evidence against President Trump, and then POTUS will pardon everyone who received indictments, particularly Michael Flynn.


BONUS PREDICTIONS–This year will be an unseasonably cold winter and spring, POTUS will drop an F-Bomb in major speech (State of the Union?), Eli Manning will be the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears, and Wal-Mart will be bought by Amazon.