File this under, “Further Evidence That The End Is Nigh.”

I needed deodorant this week.  So I bought a new stick.  I noticed the label, and then I shook my head.PicsArt

Do you see it?  I circled it for you, in case you didn’t.  Maybe it has been there before, but I’ve never noticed it until this week.

Come on people, you need to bathe more than every two days!  Even if you don’t bathe daily, personal grooming and hygiene are in order, right?  I mean, surely you’ve washed up, say, in the last 24 hours or so, right?  Please tell me you have.

I taught the sprouts, and I firmly believe, that a human being in the modern world has a responsibility to his or her fellow humans to smell good, or at least to not stink.  If you are counting on your deodorant to go 48 hours, then I humbly suggest you have failed to conprehend how odious and offensive you are to those around you.