I’m not really an expert on Muslims or the Muslim faith and practice.  However, I have been thoroughly researching the situation.  Keep in mind, ALL of my research has been from watching CNN, MSNBC, and FOXNEWS, so, my methodology is unquestionable.

Here is what I have learned.  Muslims are afraid of three things.

1.  Cartoons.

2.  Books.

3.  Youtube.


We are spending far too many resources on things like military reaction and diplomatic solutions for the problems we are having in our relationships with Muslims around the world.  Instead, we should hit them at their fear.  I know, this sounds very Art of Warish, but I just watched the movie Battleship last night with my daughters and this sounds like as good a plan as any.  We hit them at their fear, so we need to deploy a team including Gary Larson (The Far Side), Jim Davis (Garfield), Stephen King (What could be more frightening than that?), David McCullough (1776), the “Chocolate Rain” guy and that girl who sang “Call Me Maybe” and for grins we’ll throw in Charlie and the kid he bit.

If we deploy that team strategically, we will scare extremist Muslims to death and solve the problem and usher in a new epoch of peace and harmony.


Funny Note:  When I typed in a search for “Prophet Muhammad Cartoon” an add for “Single Muslims in your area” popped up.  What a weird world.