Aggies, Soccer, and Swift — SPORTS!

I live in Texas, which means football is not a topic of conversation, but is THE topic of conversation. Sure, we all took a break for a while to celebrate the Rangers and the Astros in the World Series (Yes, I know it was the Diamondbacks in the actual World Series, but we all know this year the ALCS held the best two teams, right? Right!)

Sunday morning Texas A&M University fired their head football coach. No big deal, that kind of thing happens all the time. Except, the buyout on the contract clause was $76 million. The interesting thing is, Fisher won 64% of his games. It wasn’t like he was awful or that the team was completely unprepared. I mean, they won 64% of their games in arguably the toughest conference in college football.

However, as a graduate of the University of Texas (Hook ‘Em!) I could only hope to fleece those Aggies that well. Well done, Jimbo, well done.

But seriously, I don’t ever want anyone to ever suggest to me that the problem we have in solving a problem, particularly education, is money. We are not lacking money. What we lack is the common sense to spend the money we have wisely, and buying out above-average football coaches, or perhaps, arranging awful contracts like this in the first place, is a terrible waste of money.

Our nation has a serious problem with priorities. And before you think I’m just piling on our old adversary, I was just as upset a few years ago when UT bought out Tom Herman’s contract for $15 million. The whole system is bonkers.

Speaking of bonkers, that takes me to soccer. I refuse to care about soccer in any meaningful way but according to what I’ve seen Megan Rapinoe, the very controversial women’s soccer celebrity made a theological statement. Keep in mind, her making theological statements probably is about like me making a statement about how to shoot the penalty kick or yellow card off sides. You get the point.

In her final game (match?) before retiring, she collapsed in pain and injury with no one around her. It was deemed a non-contact injury. She tore her ACL, which, is usually long rehab but at her age and career, probably does her in. I do feel badly for her. It is hard to see something end that we’ve given so much to. Here is a video link for you to watch it:

That is not, though, where this is headed. She said in the post game (match?) interiew:

I’m not a religious person or anything and if there was a God, like, this is proof that there isn’t.

Megan Rapinoe

I’ve nothing against Megan Rapinoe. I know she led the US to win a World Cup not too long ago, but that this year they didn’t do so well, probably because of her as well. She is free to live as she chooses and believe as she chooses. However, such statements are . . . interesting. First, it is the height of narcissism to believe that anything which happens on a soccer (football?) field proves or disproves the existence of God, or anything. She seems to be pointing to a sense of injustice here, and excuse me for just a moment, but if a person wanted to point to injustice in the world an international celebrity who plays games for a living seems to be a bad place to start. Poor Megan.

But let me dig deeper. I watched the video. No one is anywhere around her. She just falls to the ground. Now, Rapinoe says this proves there is no God, however, let me point out that an invisible force worked against her and pushed her down, tore her ligament, injured her. Those of us who have faith are prone to talk about, sometimes passionately, the invisible hand of God.

I hope this woman considers she may have experienced the grace of God, in that he is trying to get her attention.

Speaking of attention, let’s talk about the biggest story in Sportertainment this year: Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. Come on everyone, you know you’re just dying for that Super Bowl where the Chiefs are in it and Swift is the halftime show. You know you want it. Jim Nantz is salivating (and yes, I checked, CBS and Nantz have the big game this year.)

But what I’m thinking about is what most guys are thinking about: I feel so sorry for Kelce, because you know this is going to be a horrible break-up album for him when it comes. Swift is vicious, and she will spare no punches for the gladiator. I’ve already made a list of possible tracks for the album, which will be titled ‘Eighty-Seven Isn’t Heaven’:

  1. Beyond Belief (The Chief’s A Thief Good Grief)
  2. B Mahomes
  3. Its You, Not Me, the Ball’s The Problem
  4. Spike This
  5. Bad Blood — Romo Mix
  6. Sports Are Dumb And So Are You
  7. I Dated The QB In HS
  8. Injury Timeout (Something Doesn’t Work)
  9. Consider Me A Free Agent
  10. Jerry Maguire

Taylor, if you see this, I can help with some nice lyrics too.